Who We Are

Caring Connections committeeCaring Connections grew from a collaboration of residents, professional staff, and area experts. It is a resident initiative, with support from the Riderwood (RWV) Resident Services Department/Social Workers. 

The Caring Connections Committee members are the core of the vision, which began in 2018 under the leadership of the Continuing Education Committee and resident cochair Mina Wuchenich.

Caring Connections Mission

  • Educate residents of many different transitions/decisions in aging in advance of need.  Expand the culture of a learning community in which individuals assist each other in learning as well as  access staff expertise.
  • Market all pertinent events at RWV into cohesive whole.

Caring Connections Video Overview and FAQs 

“Why didn’t I know the things that would have made the transitions and decisions of aging easier?” In this this video from an Administrative Update with Gary Hibbs (Dec. 14, 2021) on Riderwood TV,  Mina Wuchenich and Ellen Lebedow describe how Caring Connections resulted from a resident asking just this question. They talk about how the Program is designed to provide multiple ways to access information with the goal of Peace of Mind for residents and their family members as they transition through the stages of aging.  More information is available in these Frequently Asked Questions.

Caring Connections Committee

2023 CoChairs: Ellen Lebedow, Manager of Resident Services/Social Workers and Resident Cappie Morgan 

Committee Members:  John Dold, Alice Drew, Carolyn Fausnaugh, Merrill Fisher, Maggie Hayes, Mark Hirschfeld, Sharon Cook Macinnes, Bette Martin, Stephanie McConachie, Doris Park, Melissa Pumphrey, Jackie Silber,  Ed Vilade, Martha Watson, Mina Wuchenich

Consultants: Trudy Downs, Sandra Flank, and Jo Paoletti

To apply for membership on the committee please fill out this form

Contact information for the resident committee members can be found in the Riderwood Resident Directory, available at neighborhood front desks or on MyErickson.

The Caring Connections pages are maintained by the Caring Connections Committee. If you have suggestions or questions, please send email to CaringConnect@riderwoodlife.com