Garden Club

The Riderwood Garden Club oversees the resident garden plots and sponsors informative lectures for anyone interested in gardening.  Residents with special knowledge about particular plants or subjects make themselves available to assist other residents. Dues are $5 per year collected in January.


Pix from our Garden Club Open House and Quilt Show
May 31, 2023

Making bouquets

Botanical Illustrator Frances D’Zmura                   Delicious Lavender Shortbread!!





Garden Club Meetings  are held on the fourth Monday at 10 am  from January through May and September and October. Most sessions begin with a short business meeting followed by a lecture. An open house at the garden plots is held in May. All meetings are open to everyone, member or not. Officers for the following year are nominated at the September meeting and voted on at the October meeting. We are always looking for new talent to serve on the board.

Garden Club Dues  2024 Dues are due and payable by January 1, 2024.  The dues for Calendar Year 2024 are $10.00 payable to Riderwood Garden Club.  Please put your check (preferable) or cash in an envelope and send by internal mail to Tom Adkins.

Garden Club Rules
Rules will be posted inside the shed, in the standing frame outside the garden and on

*ENJOY Mother Nature and all her eccentricities.

*RESPECT your neighbor’s plot. Do not excessively shade your neighbor’s plot and keep your plot weeded. No trees allowed.

*Keep the path around your plot weed free. Plots along fence are also responsible for weeding their part of the fence line.

*Return hoses to their stand and turn faucets off.

*Clean all tools and return them to the Tool Building. An area of grass near the building has been designated for tool washing.

*Turn out the shed light and close the door if you are the last person

*If a plot is unweeded for more than two weeks during the period of April 15-Nov 15th, the plot manager will contact the plot owner to find out why and report the situation to the garden club board. The board will decide what action to take. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, the board may ask the plot owner to relinquish the plot.”

Rock Creek Morris Dancers 

RiderwoodTV Video —Video of the Open House and Quilt Show  – 202

Growing Great Tomatoes – Kathy Jentz


Garden Club Officers : 2022-2023

  • Mary Chor, President
  • Merrill Fisher, Vice President and acting Speaker Chairperson
  • Tom Adkins, Treasurer, Plot Manage
  • Karen Sours, Events Chairperson
  • Carlotta Watkins, Secretary
  • Linda Murray, Webmaster

The Community Gardens  Gardens are located behind Montgomery Station across the parking lot from Hampton Square and Berkshire. The local shuttle will take people there. The 168 plots are each 10 feet by 10 feet. To obtain a plot and for other questions, contact Plot Manager, Tom Adkins at

Garden Websites

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