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Riderwood Bike Club 2021

Riderwood has an active group of bike riders. You can have a moderate amount of exercise just riding the roads and parking lots on campus, but we have mapped out a number of longer and more challenging rides that go off campus. Starting in March and ending sometime in November (if is not too cold) we meet each Tuesday morning in parking Lot L, load bikes onto carriers and drive to a starting place off campus. Starting time varies depending upon the time of year and temperature. Our average speed is 9-11 miles per hour with no steep hills, and no one is left behind.
Here are ride logs of our three most common excursions.
17-20 miles long Paint Branch Creek.  Heavily wooded. No significant grade level crossings.
Rail to Trail. No significant uncontrolled crossings.  No curves. Good coffee shop along the route.
About seven miles starts and ends at Riderwood so no cars are necessary. Goes along sidewalks, low trafficked streets, and marked bicycle paths
For more information about the club, contact Lee Waxman at