Apple Users Group

Our Apple User Group has disbanded.  If anyone is interested in reviving this group, please contact your Community Resources Representative.  Even though we have disbanded the formal monthly meetings group there are still Apple activities and tutoring available.  See below.

Learn How to Use Your iPhone & iPad — there are still tutoring sessions on Tuesday afternoon at 1:00 -2:00 pm every week  in the Town Center classroom with Trudy Downs.   

iOS 15 for iPhone and iPad – click here for summary and references.

There is also a Zoom tutoring session conducted each week by Trudy Downs on Tuesday afternoon at 3:00 pm.  See MyErickson for the link to this Zoom session.  This covers all Apple operating systems and devices –this includes iPhone, iPads, Apple desktop and laptop operating systems.

Click here for a list of terms that you can use while dictating to Apple devices.

Recycle Your MAC If you have an old MAC that you want to recycle, you can contact MacRecycleClinic and they will take the machine and if possible refurbish it and donate it to community organizations.  For more information about the group see their web page.  The group is a 501(c)3 nonprofit service organization.