Pickleball,  a combination of tennis, ping-pong and badminton, is  played on a court about one third the size of a tennis court. A whiffle ball is hit over a net by competing teams using a paddle, somewhat larger than that used for ping-pong.  It is quickly learned and easily played by most seniors.  All are welcome to join the fun.

The basics of the game can be picked up quickly and played by pre-teen children. It’s an on-campus activity you can do as a family. Contact Joe Finan about meeting at the net courts and he can get your family group paddles and balls and some basic instruction on how to play.

Riderwood has two indoor pickleball courts and four outdoor courts. Click here for the current schedule of times the group plays. The outdoor courts are available almost any time for pickup games, and there are many times, especially in the evenings, when the indoor courts are available for play.

History of pickleball at Riderwood

Pickleball club history


There is a very active group of players on campus with a wide range of skill levels. Even during Covid, a group played outdoors in masks when conditions permitted. Here are the attendance figures over the years. We are pleased that there are nearly the same number of men and women in the club.

Tournaments and competition

The club has enough members that there are always opportunities for casual play, but more formal competition is also available. There is a ‘ladder’ for players who wish to participate. In the ladder competition, four players gather and play three games, one with each of the other three as partner. The results of these games determine ladder rankings for the next session. This means that the sets of three games are played with people at about the same skill level. Click here for more information about the ladder.

In 2019, Riderwood sent three mixed pairs  to Oakcrest for a tournament against other local Erickson communities. Although we did not fare well, it was an exciting day. With two inside courts and four outside courts, and being centrally located among five Erickson communities, we look forward to hosting similar tournaments in the future.

We had an intramural sixteen team mixed doubles tournament in May, 2021. It was a great success and a tough fought battle to determine the winner. Clovermite Tournament

Joining the club

For more information contact Bruce Donaldson or Jim Paoletti. Contact Pat Schuyler if you would like to be on the club’s email list. See Resident Directory for phone numbers and addresses.

For more information, email pickleball@riderwoodlife.com


  • Cynnie Hood, President
  • Jim Paoletti, Vice President
  • Ralphine Andrews, Secretary
  • Mark Hirschfeld, Treasurer
  • Jack Hessler, Training and Competition Chair

Other Sources

Visit the USA Pickleball Association to find out more about the game including beginners tutorials, playing tips, rules etc.