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Gubernatorial Candidates Forum

May 31, 7 pm to 9 pm

The last Burgers & Brews Gubernatorial Candidates Forum will take place on Tuesday, May 31st from 7pm – 9pm. We will stream on Facebook Live from Baltimore County. Sign up HERE to RSVP. You do not need to have a Facebook account to watch!

Pam Wood, reporter for The Baltimore Banner, will be our moderator. Tune in to see the next governor of Maryland field questions on the healthcare issues affecting Maryland.

In Unity & Solidarity,

Team MDP

Riderwood’s Montgomery County Residents move from Congressional District 3 to District 8!

The census of 2020 led to the project to re-draw the Maryland voting districts so they are better aligned with the population distribution. One result of this was that the residents of Riderwood who live in Montgomery County are now in a new congressional district.

Formerly in District 3, and represented by John Sarbanes, these residents are now in District 8, with Jamie Raskin as their Congressional representative. Residents who live in Prince George’s County are still in District 4, where the 2022 election is wide open.

If you want to check the specifics of your voting status or find out which Congressional, county, or other district is yours, go to the Maryland Board of Elections website and click on Voter Services.

The following information comes from the Maryland Board of Elections, and we want to share it with our membership:

  • Registering to vote: last date is June 28, 2022
  • Requesting a mail-in ballot: The request must be received no later than July 12, 2022 (however, the sooner the better)
  • Last date to submit mail-in ballot: The ballot must be postmarked or dropped in a ballot box no later than 8:00 pm on July 19, 2022 (however, the earlier the better to guarantee arrival)
  • Early voting: From July 7 through July 14, 2022 from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm at designated early voting locations
  • NOTE: It is planned that Riderwood will have two voting places: one for Montgomery County residents and one for Prince George’s County residents.

Planning for Future Meetings

We are working to organize additional Candidate Forums throughout the spring until the primary election is held (currently scheduled for July 19). Plans are under way to host the various candidates for Congressional District 4 (currently held by Congressman Brown, who is running for Governor). To date, seven candidates have filed to run. We anticipate this event will be held at 2:00 p.m. on May 18, the third Wednesday of May.

We are also hoping to be able to host most of the Democratic candidates for Governor at our meeting on Wednesday, June 15.  At the moment, 11 or 12 candidates are running for Governor in the primary, so it is difficult to know whether all will be able to attend.  Nonetheless, we will do our best to secure commitments of as many as possible to come to Riderwood and speak with our senior population, as seniors are an important voting bloc.

We are seeking additional ways to provide more opportunities for state and local Democratic candidates to be introduced to the membership of the Club and would welcome any suggestions.  In addition, we would welcome other members to assist with the planning of each/all of these Candidate Forums.
— Bea Rodgers and Sandy Morse

Dates to Note

Friday,  May 6 Democratic Book Club discusses Rachel Maddow: A Biography by Lisa Rogak.  For details, contact Angela Miotto or Jennifer Fajman. Their contact information can be found on myErickson or in the directory available at your front desk. Village Square Card Room 1:00 PM
Friday,  May 20 Environmental Book Club discusses Under a White Sky: The Nature of the Future by Elizabeth Kolbert. For details, contact Anne Riley or Jennifer Fajman. Their contact information can be found on myErickson or in the directory available at your front desk. Lakeside Commons Card Room 1:00 PM

A Few Notices

The Primary Election has been postponed until July 19.

A presentation by a representative from the

Montgomery County Board of Elections on Voter List Maintenance

Redistricting, Maryland, and You

by Jackie Coolidge, Retired World Bank Economist, Member of the League of Women Voters of Montgomery County, Co-chair of the League of Women Voters’ Redistricting Committee

Montgomery County to Recognize Two Years of COVID-19 Response Efforts Throughout the Month of March

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