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September 2023

The President’s Corner

Welcome to the fall–at least that is what we hear from those who are giving us the daily weather reports (but at the same time today, September 7) they say we will hit at least the high 90’s.
While we had a couple of months off this summer, the Program Committee has been working to develop programs for our membership beginning in September, starting with our own Dan Sachs who will discuss democracy and the country’s future at our meeting on September 20. This promises to be a thought-provoking program, and I encourage members to attend.
As all should know, we are in the process of our annual membership drive. We are looking to invite more residents who are Democrats to become dues-paying members. I would like to issue a challenge to our current members: if each of us would recruit one new member, we would double our membership.
I’d also like to ask our members to support a project just starting – we are again this year writing postcards to encourage people to register to vote and then to vote. 2024 may be the most significant national election for America or at least in our lifetime. We have to make sure we elect as many Democrats as possible throughout the country. Tom Neu is leading the postcard project, and if you are interested in helping, see his article in this newsletter for details. We will be working on this project periodically from now to November of next year. If this is not your “thing,” you can always make a donation to the club in addition to your dues to help pay for stamps for this project.
On another topic, I am pleased to announce that Mel Haas will be taking over the responsibility of maintaining the Democratic Club’s page on as of this month.
Last, but certainly no less important, I would like to thank everyone for the many well wishes, cards and visits I have received during my rehab. It has turned out to be a much longer recuperation than I had anticipated. All of your contacts are very much appreciated!

– Bea Rodgers

* Contact information for Riderwood residents mentioned here can be found in myErickson or in the directory available at your front desk.

Topics in the September 2023 Newsletter

Daniel Sachs presents “Democracy in Peril: Can We Get  off the Slippery Slope?” for the September Meeting

Campaign Corner
The Riderwood Democratic Club is making
progress toward encouraging the vote for
Democratic candidates in upcoming elections.
The main technique for now is to send postcards
to a carefully selected set of likely Democratic

WATER: Waste Not, Want Not!

U.S. Senate Candidates in 2024
With Ben Cardin, Maryland’s senior Senator,
retiring at the end of his term in 2024, many
people have declared their intentions to run for
that office. So far, seven Democrats and two
Republicans have officially filed, with more
expected in the coming months. 

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Important Dates

Date Event Location Time
Sept 15
Environmental Book Club discusses
“Apocalypse Never” by Michael Shellenberger
Lakeside Commons Card Room 1:00 PM
Sept 20
Democratic Club General Meeting: Daniel Sachs
presents “Democracy in Peril: Can We Get Off the
Slippery Slope?”
Encore Theater 2:00 PM
Oct 6
Democratic Book Club discusses “The Immortal Life of
Henrietta Lacks” by Rebecca Skloot
Card Room
1:00 PM

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