Sylvan Sleuths — Identifying Trees

Norway Maple in MST Arboretum

We are a group of Riderwood Residents who like Trees! We want to be able to identify and label trees on our campus.

For more information or to be put on the mailing list contact Becky Hedin.  Contact information can be found in the Riderwood Resident Directory, available at your front desk or online at MyErickson.

Upcoming Events/Past Events

Oct. 14, 2022.   Trees dedicated to Riderwood Staff in appreciation for their service during the Covid pandemic:  Fringe Trees near the Chapel 4-way stop and a White Oak Tree near Arbor Ridge by the 3-way intersection.

The Trees of Riderwood.

We are slowly working our way through identifying the trees on our campus.  In May 2023 we completed two years of work on the trees in the  Montgomery Station Arboretum.   The work is documented in the Montgomery Station Arboretum Tree Notebook. The information is presented below in a gallery of trees. Identifying and documenting the trees in the Town Center Courtyard is the next project for the Sylvan Sleuths.

The Montgomery Station Arboretum Tree Notebook
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