Red fabric ribbon with silver text: Now What?

Now What? Newcomers Group

Now What? Newcomers Group is a resident-run group for newcomers. Many of us are no longer “blue ribbon”, brand-new newcomers, but we are still newish, still exploring, and still adjusting.The red “Now What?” ribbons make us visible to each other, to other newcomers as they arrive, and to the rest of the Riderwood community.

The mission of Now What? is to help you make connections with:

  • other residents
  • staff members who can be of assistance to you
  • other groups that may be of interest to you

We publicize our events on clubhouse bulletin boards and in My Erickson. Activities, and here on Riderwood To receive email notifications about Now What? meetings, send a message to

Upcoming Meetings:
Wednesday, February 8, 2023
1:00 – 2:30 pm

Lakeside Commons (LSC) Cardroom

General Services: The Inside Scoop
Sheena Lewis, Assistant Director of General Services

Contact Nancy Freedman or Vera Buffaloe for more information

Riderwood’s guidelines are that masks are required when participating in a group of 30 or more people.  We will have extra masks available if you end up needing one.

If you know someone even more recent to Riderwood than you, share the news about this event with them.

Questions? Please contact .

“If you feel new, you are new.”