Red fabric ribbon with silver text: Now What?

Now What? Riderwood Welcome Club

Now What? Riderwood Welcome is a resident-run club for newcomers. Many of us are no longer “blue ribbon”, brand-new newcomers, but we are still newish, still exploring, and still adjusting.The red “Now What?” ribbons make us visible to each other, to other newcomers as they arrive, and to the rest of the Riderwood community. Our goal is connection.

If you are new or newish and want to join us, you can join our email group by sending a message to or giving your contact information to any member of Now What?

This month’s in-person meeting will be on Tuesday, September 13, from 1 to 2 pm in the Village Square Card Room

Resident Rae Burns will give an overview of
Call Vera Buffaloe or Bob Henderson for more information. (See the resident directory on My Erickson for their contact information.)


Riderwood’s guidelines are that masks are required when participating in a group of 30 or more people.  We will have extra masks available if you end up needing one.

If you know someone even more recent to Riderwood than you, share the news about this event with them.

July meeting follow-up

At the Zoom Meet & Greet on July 22, several questions came up about Riderwood’s Medical Center.  These notes from a Now What? meeting in May about the Medical Center may be useful to you.

As a Riderwood resident, I have three (3) choices:

i)  Signing up with a Medical Center physician to receive my primary care at Riderwood; I can see specialists either at Riderwood or off campus.

ii)  Signing up with the Medical Center for “CarePath,” allowing me to keep receiving my primary care off campus, but allowing me to receive emergency care at Riderwood. Residents choosing CarePath can see specialists either at Riderwood or off campus, and a visit with a Riderwood primary physician every 12 – 18 months is required.  

iii)  Not signing up with the Medical Center at all.

Completing and submitting the 18-page Medical Center Questionnaire  is required if I am choosing i) or ii) above.

Stephanie Campos, Medical Center staff member, can answer questions you have about your choices. She can also help you select your primary physician.

Questions? Volunteering? Please contact .

We publicize our events via the email group, on the clubhouse bulletin boards and on My Erickson. To get meeting reminders and Zoom links, subscribe to or send a request to  .

“If you feel new, you are new.”