Putting Club

The Putting Club is currently inactive. A contact is being sought. If you are interested in reviving the club, contact Community Resources.

Good News

According to a report in October, 2021, from the Resident Life Committee of the RAC, the putting green is scheduled for renovation in the spring of 2022.

Old News

The Putting Club met at the Putting Green behind Town Center. BUT, the green needs major work.

When active, club participants played five holes of various lengths, twice through. Winners were determined by who had the lowest score between partners.

It had become an enjoyable social get together. All residents were encouraged to join and have fun. No experience required.

Come with a partner or be paired with another player.  The Putting Green will be open at all times for practice and, of course, events depend on the weather. Anyone can play.  It’s easy and other players can show you how.

Please wear ID badges to help others with names.

Contact: no one is currently identified as a contact for the club. If interested, let staff in Community Resources know and, if you identify yourself to maintainers of RiderwoodLife, we’ll add your name as a contact – let us know at support@riderwoodlife.com.