Opera at Riderwood



Opera at Riderwood is an active resident group committed to increasing our knowledge and enjoyment of opera. We explore this exciting art form through a number of different activities including:

  • Encore Opera – A free weekly screening of a complete opera or musical is held every Friday in the Encore Theater at 1:00 PM. Opera at Riderwood has a collection of over 500 videos of outstanding music performances, and one is featured every Friday.

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Don Pagqauali Encore theater 10/23 1pm

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  • Live Opera – Concerts at Riderwood featuring acclaimed professional singers performing excerpts from familiar operas.

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  • Opera Forum – A spirited resident discussion group where we share our thoughts and opinions on the last Encore Opera and pre
    view the next opera on the Friday schedule. Everyone is welcome to participate in Opera Forum, which meets every Thursday evening from 7:15 to 8:30 PM in the Chesapeake Room in MST. The forum is on pause until September 2023. **OPERA FORUM HAS REACHED ITS ENROLLMENT CAPACITY. UNFORTUNATELY, NO NEW PARTICIPANTS CAN BE ACCEPTED AT THIS TIME.
  • Local Opera Field Trips – Trips to enjoy operas and operatic music produced at venues in this region.
  • Opera at Riderwood News and Notes – A free weekly newsletter which features a detailed summary of our next Encore Opera as well as notices of up-coming opera events at Riderwood and in our region.
  • For an email subscription to O@R News & Notes contact Leah Solat at  opera@riderwoodlife.com.

Residents interested in any aspect of Opera at Riderwood are encouraged to attend any of our programs with friends and relatives. We particularly welcome residents who are new to opera and want to explore and experience this entertaining and rewarding art form. There is no registration. Just come, enjoy, and become part of our opera community.