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The Photography Club provides an opportunity to meet and network with other like-minded residents.

Our photographic interests and skill sets are many and varied. At any particular meeting we may discuss photographing landscapes with a sophisticated DSLR, an app to edit a photo on an iPhone, photographing a faraway eclipse, or a closeup of a flower’s texture.

Recently we received a presentation from a Riderwood resident, a relative of a well known photographer from Pittsburgh, and viewed online his 40+ years of inner city life with a Pittsburgh newspaper. Also in the past few months a professional photographer club member discussed and demonstrated, with a live model, his portrait photography methods, skills and techniques. Members brought their cameras and participated in this session.

Meetings occur on the third Thursday of each month. They are open to all RWV residents  and guests.

May 19, 1:00 – 2:30 – VSQ Classroom

Various Aspects of “. . .  Scapes”

Presented by Don Becker

In I will talk about the various aspects of “. . . Scapes.” “By this I mean LandScapes, CityScapes, etc. Perhaps the Wikipedia definition has it best:

What is a “scape” in photography?

The meaning of “scape” as taken from the dictionary is either “an extensive view” or “a picture or representation” of such a view. There are many different “scapes” used in photography. To mention a few in addition to the landscape, we have seascapes, streetscapes, cloudscapes, waterscapes, mountainscapes, etc.

I will show a variety of all types of “. . . scapes”” that I have taken, and will also show a few outstanding  “. . . scapes” from a professional landscape photographer friend of mine, primarily landscapes and cityscapes. We can discuss some aspects of these photographs and whether you feel that these would be an interesting type of photography that you might be interested in. I will also present a list of attributes that at least most “Scapes” should contain.

Convenor Stu says, “Looks like another fascinating presentation and enjoyable afternoon.  Bring in any photos you would like to share with the other club members. I have a few – I wonder if they would qualify as scapes,”

Future Meetings

April – Birds In Flight / Motion Photography

June – Stereo Photography – Alan Minton


We plan to get member presentations in diverse subjects such as still life, night, street, time lapse photography, camera phones and useful third-party software, etc.

The programs may include equipment used, member experiences, discussion on camera techniques, videos, and so on.

Contact / Info

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