Continuing Education Committee

Here is a brief overview of what’s new this Fall.

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The Continuing Education Committee’s (CEC) mission is to provide educational opportunities to the residents of Riderwood.

The Riderwood Continuing Education Committee facilitates the Seasoned Adults Growing Educationally (SAGE) program that offers a variety of classes to Riderwood residents that are intellectually and personally enriching and varied in content and levels of presentation. This program is designed to be attentive to student interests and flexible in instructional methods – e.g. lecture, participatory, and/or audiovisual. It provides a balanced array of classes that include academic offerings as well as those focused on studio arts, exercise, dance, and other activities taught by instructors that are highly motivated and competent in delivering classroom experiences to adult learners. The Committee also sponsors special lectures and constructs and offers special courses that operate separately from the SAGE program.

Prince George’s Community College SAGE Program

We partner with Resident Life and Prince George’s Community College to offer courses in its SAGE program. Each Spring, Summer, and Fall SAGE offers on campus courses. From the PGCC website: “Seasoned Adults Growing Educationally (SAGE) is a program for senior adults aged 60 and older. The program offers a variety of stimulating courses at locations throughout Prince George’s County and virtually via Zoom. The program makes it easy for seniors to stay active, and it’s affordable. Older adults aged 60 and older who live in Maryland pay a $40 per class registration fee.”

Courses are offered each Spring, Summer, and Fall here at Riderwood or on Zoom. Students need to register and pay $40 per course for the courses they choose. About one month before the start of each trimester a new catalog is published online at MyErickson (under Resident Resources) and (under CEC) and paper copies are available at each neighborhood’s front desk. The registration dates and instructions are included in the catalog. The Committee also advertises information is given through community bulletin boards, the Riderwood Reporter and cubby stuffing.

The current catalog is included as a separate page in this website. It includes information for how new students can (1) enroll as a PGCC student and (2) register for classes. See below.

Special Speakers

The Committee also sponsors special presentations, many in cooperation with other Riderwood committees. Past programs have included programs on The Code Girls, Helping Afghan Refugees Resettle in the US, and The 1941 Beginning of the US/UK Code-Breaking Partnership. Stay tuned to the Riderwood Reporter for information on future programs.

Caring Connections

The Caring Connections Committee (CCC) is presently a sub-committee of CEC. The CCC endeavors to provide courses that enhance the lives of Riderwood residents, helping understand and handle a variety of issues related to aging. Specifically, it offers Navigating As We Age and Financial Security as well as other pertinent programs of interest to Riderwood residents. Caring Connections has its own page on

Short Courses

The Continuing Education Committee is offering Short Courses of two or three sessions each on campus or via zoom beginning in fall of 2023. This initiative draws on the wealth and expertise of Riderwood residents, and features a unique complement of resident instructors, along with highly qualified outside professionals. This program responds to Riderwood residents who have expressed interest in having educational programs somewhere between the 7-to-14-week PGCC SAGE courses and the one-time lectures sponsored occasionally by the Continuing Education Committee and other groups on campus.  NOTE: This program is neither affiliated with PGCC nor part of its SAGE program.

The first pilot session of courses, which are free, will run between October 30 and January 30, Sign up will begin at 9:00 am Monday, October 16. There is no limit to the number of courses residents can take, but there are limitations on class size. We hope to offer a second set of short courses to run from March to May. A course listing for the pilot autumn session, including simple signup instructions, can be found linked below. Paper copies are also available at neighborhood front desks.

Questions? Come to an information session at 4:00 pm Monday, October 10, in the Chesapeake Room, MST.

For a description of upcoming course offerings, important dates, and signup instructions, click this link.

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Committee Members

Committee members for the CEC (Continuing Education Committee) are elected in the fall for a two-year term with the possibility of adding another two-year term before taking a break of at least one year. See the Riderwood Reporter for articles about how to apply to become a member of this committee in early Fall.

  • Below is a list of 2023 members and the year that each member joined the committee.
    Co-Chairs: Margie Ingram (2022) and Rich Steffan (2022)
    Robert Boger (2019) Evaluation, Technology and Web Presence sub-committees
    Winnie Coggins (2019) Short Course Program and Chatterwood sub-committees
    John Dold (2020) Evaluation sub-committee
    Merrill Fisher (2023) Speaker Sub-committee
    Sandra Flank (2023) – Short Course sub-committee
    Kui Gauri (2023) Evaluation and Technology sub-committees
    Ann Segal (2023) – Short Course sub-committee
    Regina Cohen (2023) RAC representative
    Kenneth Pearlman (2023) Short Course and Web Presence sub-committees
    Jean Sonntag (2019) Past Co-Chair and Short Course sub-committee
    Nancy Traubitz (2023) Communications sub-committee
    Etarae Weinstein (2022) PGCC SAGE Registration coordinator
    Sydney Siegel and Cibya Sam – Staff.

PGCC SAGE catalog, plus enrollment and registration instructions

Enroll, Registration and Password Instructions

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Reminder: Change your password BEFORE registration opens on September 19.

Help to Enroll and Update Your Password

Thursday, Sept 14, 9 to 11 am, TNC Classroom.

Friday, Sept 15, 1 to 3 pm, VSQ Craft Studio.

Please see additional details and necessary items in the Fall 2023 SAGE Catalog.

Class Registration, Tuesday, Sept 19

Online: Opens at 7 am.

Help: 9 to 12, MST, Maryland Hall

Please see additional details and necessary items in the Fall 2023 SAGE Catalog.

Fall 2023 SAGE Catalog

Click on this link.

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Classes on Zoom

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If your question is related to the Committee and its programs, please contact Co-Chairs:
Margie Ingram or Rich Steffan (contact info found on MyErickson or the Riderwood Resident Directory).

For questions regarding PGCC SAGE classes, please contact: Sydney Siegel, Community Resources Coordinator (contact info found on MyErickson or the Riderwood Yellow Pages for staff).