Geocaching Club

Do you enjoy a treasure hunt? Geocaching is a real-world treasure-hunting game. Caches may be outdoors or indoors. Most cache containers are physical, but many are virtual. You have your choice! The Riderwood Geocaching Club has about 50 on-campus caches of all types that are reserved for Riderwood residents only.

A GPS-enabled device is used in searching for geocaches world-wide. Once the cache is found, you sign and date the paper log, then put the log back into the container where it was found for the next geocacher. You can then share your experiences online at

If you do not wish to, you need not open an online account to geocache. The Riderwood Geocaching Club will give you the directions to the on-campus caches in paper format and you can do all your geocaching on-campus.

The Riderwood Geocaching Club was founded in 2019 by Don Conway (Deep Concern) and Joe Finan  (Poppy 1944). The club meets on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month from 10:00 to 11:30 in the Town Center Media Room. You can find us on the schedule every month. We meet, sign the logbook and share our geocaching experiences. We also plan off-campus activities. Then we may go for a geocache run on-campus.

Even if you aren’t sure about geocaching, come to a meeting! When you find out more, you may become as excited about this as the rest of us are!

For information about the club, contact

Watch the video to see more about us and what we do!