Help – Computers



Where do you turn to for help with your computer or other devices?

Riderwood Connect

If your problem is your wireless internet connection, call Riderwood Connect at 800-677-0211.

The Computer Club is gathering reports of Riderwood Connect WIFI outages to determine how widespread they are and to identify common issues. If you have reported your problem to the Riderwood Connect IT team and have not yet received WiFi service that corrected the problems, please send an email with the subject heading “Connect WiFi Service Report” to Neil Copeland,, to share your experience with WIFI outages.  The Club is working with Corporate IT to followup on Connect problems.

Riderwood Village Computer Club

The Riderwood Village Computer Club offers several regularly scheduled opportunities to get answers to your questions.  For information about these sessions, check out the Computer Club Learning Opportunities.

Important Note:  Check the Activities tab on MyErickson for scheduled meetings, since all  cancellations/changes to these Computer Club sessions will be announced there.

Riderwood IT Services

The Erickson IT technicians are primarily responsible for maintaining the Riderwood Connect wireless system for residents and staff.   However they can help with devices in your home for a charge of $40 for the first 30 min and then $13 for each additional 15 min.   Call Riderwood IT at 800-677-0211 to schedule an appointment.

Register a Device on RWV-Portal

If you have a new device such as a printer, Amazon Alexa or Echo, Roku, Smart TV, etc. (anything without a keyboard) it needs to be connected to RWV-Portal.  It cannot be connected to RWV-Resident or Guest.  As a resident you have two choices.

  • Do it yourself
  • Call Riderwood IT Services and have them register it

Register the Device Yourself

Here are the do-it-yourself steps for registering the device.

  • Go to and sign in with your Connect username and password.
  • Add a new device entering the MAC address for the device. See below on how to find the MAC address.
  • You may have to wait 30 minutes for the registration process to complete.

Call Riderwood IT to Register

Call 800-677-0211 to speak with an IT technician.  They will ask you what type of device it is and what is its MAC address (see below for an explanation of MAC address).

They will try to tell you how to find the MAC address of your device.  It is usually somewhere under Settings. You cannot register it without the MAC address.

If you can’t locate the MAC address, you might call someone listed in Neighbors In Deed (NID) Directory (available at the Front Desk or on MyErickson under Resident Resources) for help or call Riderwood IT.  You can schedule a home visit for a technician to come and help.

MAC Address

To register a device, you need to know its MAC address.  Here is an explanation created by Ohio State for its student body

According to the article, it is best to contact the device manufacturer on the web or read the device’s manual to find the MAC address.   Many devices have a Settings page and a Network page under that where the MAC address can be found.  The address may also be on a label on the device or on a window on a printer.

Add to your Smart Phone

It’s easy to add a “bookmark” icon to take you directly to from your home screen.

Instructions for Safari on iPhones

Instructions for Chrome on Android Phones

Local Assistance

Depending on where you purchased the computer and the manufacturer, you might be able to get help from them through your extended warranty and service contract.  Dell computer company offers on-site/in-home service (after a required attempt to diagnose and solve the issue remotely) for $60 a year, which is reasonable versus the typical cost of a house calls. For other manufacturers, we recommend consulting their websites or support phone numbers.

Many residents use the services of Best Buy’s Geek Squad for computer repairs. If you are considering using this service, the cost for diagnosing the problem and repairing a minor issue starts at $100 for an in-home visit.  If you choose not to use the manufacturer or a program like Best Buy’s Geek Squad, individual computer repair specialists are available and the Riderwood Computer Club can provide more information on how to contact them.

Recycling your Electronics

When you upgrade or otherwise have a used computer to dispose of, there are several options for donating your computer to organizations that refurbish them and provide them to local groups and individuals in need.  You can recycle most electronic devices at local stores, and also Riderwood is now sponsoring Electronic Collection Days.  For complete details, including how to prepare your computer to be recycled, visit the RiderwoodLife eCycle page.