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Puzzled by how to access features on Comcast / Xfinity TV at Riderwood? Your tipster was too so, herewith, are some tips for using Comcast TV at Riderwood. Emphasis is on,

  • Using controls – remotes
  • Accessing programing
  • Time-shifting programs, e.g., recording for play back.
  • Getting help.

Riderwood TV Channels

  • Channel 971 Riderwood TV) in High Definition
  • Channel 977 – Chapel
  • Channel 978 Fitness / Wellness


TV vs. Internet / Comcast vs. Riderwood Connect

First, residents can be easily confused by the complexities of Cable TV, telephone and internet services provided at Riderwood. They are parts of a package of services paid for as part of residents’ monthly service fee.

  • TV service comes via a coax cable feed from a connector on the wall of apartments.
  • Telephone cables are buried in the walls and connect directly to wall-mounted phones.
  • Internet service is provided wirelessly (WiFi) via “access points” mounted on the ceilings of most apartments.
  • Riderwood Connect (in-house IT) supports Internet and telephone service.
    • Phone: 800.677.0211
  • Comcast TV Support, including Tech Support:
    • Phone: 855.638.2855

Nuts and Bolts

How to Use TV Remotes

image of remotesSadly, the info provided by Comcast is meager to nil. Calls to tech support can help, depending on the knowledge of the person on the other end of the wire. Thus we are left to our own devices to understand our devices, including recording shows with a DVR , Digital Video Recorder. (DVRs are digital successors to the DVD recorder / players some folks are familiar with from past years.)

Be aware that different designations are given to similar models, e.g., X11, X15, XR-15. But the  different models are similar enough that readers should be able to use the info presented here for most of them. Just give it a try.

Skip forward to Time Shifting.

  • Using a DVR to record shows for later viewing.
  • Access “On-demand” programing, past and future.

Refs: General Info About Remotes

View a YouTube video, How to use Xfinity (Comcast) XR-15 remote control for X1. The video provides:

  • An intro to using the XR15 remote, a remote similar to the XR11.
  • Discusses viewing past shows: “On Demand” enables playing of programs that have already shown.
  • Voice commands.
  • DVR usage is not discussed.
  • Video length: 16.5 minutes.

Refs: Recordings with DVR – Remote Control Guides

How to Use Your Xfinity DVR, another YouTube video, it was image from videorecommended by a fellow resident and covers using the X1 DVR and X11 remote:,

  • Using the Program Guide
  • Selecting programs to record / setting up recordings
  • Finding / watching recordings.
  • Scheduling Recordings.
  • This video appears to have been produced by Comcast.
  • Length: 24.5 minutes but, the person recommending it wondered if fellow residents would live through the whole of it.
  • Must be good: ~520k views.

Closed Captioning

Turn on closed captioning using the xfinity remote. Use the Voice Remote feature. Simply press and hold the microphone (Mic) button, and say “Closed Captions” or just “Captions.” Other voice commands are also available. Closed captioning may not be available on all channels.

More Guides from Comcast / Xfinity

  • XR11 Guide
  • Includes a link to a downloadable manual (PDF).
  • XR15 Guide
  • Includes link to a downloadable manual (PDF).
  • Xfinity Voice Remote Overview (XR11, XR15, XR16)
  • Guides may be for multiple models of remote with different color codings on buttons. One can usually ignore the color differences.
  • These guides include links to several topics, including Setup, Quickset Features, Functions, FAQs.

Time Shifting

Time shifting” is the art of viewing TV programs at a time different from when they are aired. It can be accomplished by many of the techniques discussed in these Help pages, e.g.,

  • Record for later viewing
  • Schedule an upcoming program for recording at a later time.
  • On-Demand viewing – watch programs that have already aired, e.g., Sixty minutes.

Deep Dive Into Time-shifting

  • View an illustrated guide on how to record / time-shift programs on Comcast Xfinity service at Riderwood.
  • Take the Deep Dive Here.
  • The guide explains several methods to record / time-shift TV programs.

How -to record Channel 971 (link)

An illustrated guide for Xfinity X-11 remotes. Knowledge may be transferable to the similar X-15 remote.

The “Funny” Part

dog with tv remoteThe author of this page called Comcast tech support for assistance with finding guides for use of Xfinity DVRs and remote controllers. Consternation was conveyed about the (supposed) lack of useful guides  on Comcast / Xfinity’s web site. The tech support person was adamant about the non-existence of such guides. A couple of quick online search for “Xfinity X11” led to sites like:
Comcast Xfinity XR11 Voice Remote – URC Support. Thus, by learning from this page, residents can become more expert than Comcast tech support reps! LOL!

Riderwood TV

Go to ▶ Riderwood TV

  • View past informational programing and and entertainment on Riderwood TV (channel 971).
  • Administrative updates (including a program affectionately named “The Gary Show.”
  • Updates from Riderwood departments, e.g., General Services.
  • Riderwood TV on Demand (on Vimeo) – including “RWTV Live!”
  • The Riderwood Reporter — the community newspaper.


Resident Alan Hedin contributed significantly to this Help Page.


Update: 9/22/2023