Garden & Quilt Show

The RWV Garden Club and Riderwood Quilt Club sponsored a Garden and Quilt show in the Riderwood Gardens, June 3, 2022. The galleries presented below contain images donated by Doug Bolt, Ellen Shou and other residents. Enjoy.

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Scavenger Hunt

Visitors to the Gardens also enjoyed a Scavenger Hunt. The next two images provide keys to the items to be found – click on them to view full-sized, printable “keys” to these items. Afterwards, proceed to a gallery of Things in the gardens. Look for the solar-powered fish pond!



People who organize, participate and enjoy the Garden and Quilt Show.

Supplement — Quilts Around Campus

Residents hang quilts near the entrances to their apartments. One, an image of a bird, hangs in the lobby of Town Center.

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  • Wilbur, The GIMP’s mascot.

    Not all images were taken on the day of the show — some were taken later when the lighting was better.
  • Many images were edited with The GIMP  (GNU Image Manipulation Program) to crop, improv color balance and correct for perspective distortion.