1940s Plus Club

Logo for 1940s club

We are very excited to bring the 1940’s Plus Club back to life at Riderwood after the very challenging year. The membership is focused on residents who are born in the 1940s or 1950s. Welcome back our members and all the new residents who have joined our community in the pandemic year. It will be good to get together to share our experiences over the past year and even Covid tales.

We are not including any contact information for officers and committee members on the website as that would make the information available to hackers. Please use the Riderwood Directory to get the contact information for members.

Joining the club

To join the Club, please send a message to Wren Wilhelm with your email address and she will send you the link and when you have joined, she will add you to the roster. She cannot add you, you have to do it and she approves it.


We need volunteers to keep the club running with all the activities we enjoy, i.e. pot luck lunches, dining out, movie night, teaching Hand and Foot, games and cards, and best of all making new friends from our generations.

Click here for more information about the activities and the people who run them.


Ann Costello, our treasurer, collects dues which are $5 per member per year (July to July) Keeps records of who paid (income) and expenses with receipts. Every three months provide the paid membership with the current status of our accounts. We also support the Benevolent Care Fund with a yearly donation.

We also support Riderwood efforts with volunteers from the club when asked. We have had a table at the Craft Fair and sold buttons (“Hi, I can’t remember your name either”) to benefit the Benevolent Care Fund. In the past, members have stepped up to volunteer, so reach out to indicate your interest and to help.


  • Bob Kuhns, President
  • Ann Costello, Treasurer
  • Kathy Schafer, Secretary
  • Wren Wilhelm, Membership and Computer Oversight

Let’s celebrate with a big return to good times at Riderwood!