Association of Woodcrafters

The Association of Woodcrafters shop is located on the Terrace level of Charles Terrace building (Montgomery Station). Go straight down the hall from the entry between parking lots E and F to the overhead sign. The shop is a locked facility. Knock for entry.


Link to Shop Tools & Manuals (current as of 3/8/21

Interest in wood – the satisfaction of shaping its natural beauty into artistic or useful objects – brings Woodcrafters together. A few Woodcrafters bring a lifetime of working with wood professionally, but most come as hobbyists or homeowners who built or repaired things when necessary. So the wood shop is a place to stay active, to be creative, to make friends, to learn new skills and to share your own experience.WC-Drawers

Do you have a table with a loose leg? Woodcrafters craftsmen are ready to repair it. Need a shelf to display the memories of a lifetime? Tell Woodcrafters about it. Missing the assortment of screws that you had to downsize? Come explore the Wall of Drawers.

All residents of Riderwood Village are eligible to be members of Woodcrafters upon application, completion of a safety briefing and payment of a member fee. The shop manager will schedule the briefing and tour of the shop. The fee, used for shop operating expenses, is due annually.

WC-Sander45To apply for membership, print the forms as directed in the following link. Return the signed forms and fee to the Treasurer (current leaders of Woodcrafters are posted in the shop).

Members Application Form

Application Form Contents:

  1. Instruction Sheet
  2. Woodshop Release Form
  3. Shop Rules
  4. Skills Resume
  5. Shop Rules – personal copy