Computer Club


The Computer Club holds meetings monthly on the 3rd Monday of the month at 11:00 am in LSC Encore Theater.  All residents are welcome!  On Monday November 21, 2022, the meeting topic is Favorite Websites and is presented by Computer Club members.  Come get more detailed information about Giantfoods, RiderwoodLife, free software tools for productivity like word processing and security software and some sites for just pure fun like animal watching, travel and views of the world.  Bring a list of some of your favorite web sites with a one line description and we will publish all on our Meetings Handout pages after the meeting.

Riderwood CONNECT Issues

Riderwood CONNECT Issues

A new committee of the RAC has been formed for IT issues.   This group will be headed by Neil Copeland and you are encouraged to contact the committee with problems and issues after first reporting them to Corporate Helpdesk at 1-800-677-0211.  If you are unable to get a satisfactory response or need additional help, please contact the Committee via  Also, if you are interested in helping Neil with this committee, please contact him using that same address.

Android Authentication

Upgrades to the Android operating system have resulted in difficulties when connecting to the RWVResident WiFi system. Click on the  Android Authentication link for tips about connecting Android devices — new and older ones.

Learning Opportunities

Computer Round Table

Our Round Table meetings are held monthly on the 2nd Wednesday of the month in the VSQ Music Room at 1:00 pm.  This is a place where you can bring your computer questions and ask the experts for answers.  The group will answer questions on desktop, laptops, tablets, etc. This meeting always evokes a large discussion with many residents dropping by for answers to problems that had been vexing them.

Android Questions

After the Wednesday Round Tables, at 2:00 pm, individual questions on Android phones and tablets will be answered.   Also Android & Chromebook questions will be answered by Joe Davidson every Tuesday at 3:00 pm in the TNC Media Room — check MyErickson Activities for scheduled Tuesday events.

iPhone and iPad

There are tutoring sessions on Tuesday afternoons, 1:00 pm, every week  in the TNC Classroom with Trudy Downs.  Come and learn how to do more with your iPhone and iPad!

Apple Tutoring Zoom

Trudy Downs also conducts a Zoom session each week on Tuesday afternoons at 3:00 pm, covering all Apple operating systems and devices.  See MyErickson Activities for the link to this Zoom session.

Computer Applications

A general tutoring session held by Trudy Downs on Windows apps and Apple apps (e.g., MS Word, Excel) is available on a first come, first served, basis every Wednesday morning at 11:00 am in the Lakeside Commons Media Lounge.

About the Computer Club

The Computer Club is organized to help residents use, learn and enjoy computers. The Club encourages interested residents to take computer courses here that are run by the Prince George’s Community College. Among various other activities, the Club:

  • Holds monthly meetings, presenting information about computer-related issues and technology.
  • Sponsors tutoring for residents via various venues for various devices.  See above for times and locations as well as devices covered.
  • Provides monitors for the VSQ Computer Lab and the neighborhood Media Lounges, who work with Erickson staff to assure equipment problems are identified and resolved.
  • Coordinates and provides information on Erickson Computer Services such as a Corporate discount buying service, and contact information for Erickson Technical Service Support (a fee based service provided by Erickson).

Bob Boger is the President of the Computer Club and can be reached at  Other offices are:  Trudy Downs, Vice President; Hannah Spalding, Treasurer; and Alberta Mehr, Secretary.