Caring Connections


Caring Connections is a collaboration among Riderwood residents and Riderwood’s Resident Services Department (Social Workers). It was originally developed by the Continuing Education Committee but now is a stand-alone group.  The mission of Caring Connections is to foster peace of mind among Riderwood residents as we move through the aging process.


Financial Security: Money Management as We Age

Beginning in January 2024, this course offers Riderwood residents a multi-faceted, 9-session course designed by the Caring Connections Committee to build skills and knowledge necessary to manage the range of financial aspects in your life. You can register beginning December 11.

Navigating As We Age: Changes and Choices

The Committee sponsers this 12-week, 30-hour course designed to: inform and support resident transistions and decisions about how we want to spend the rest of our lives; select advocates for our wishes; and communicate those wishes to them.  The next course will begin in March 2024.

Affinity Group: Solo Agers

Who are solo agers? “Solo Agers are individuals who, by choice or circumstance, function without the support system, or anticipate eventually having to function without the support system, traditionally provided by family, or by other trusted individuals.” 

The mission of the Solo Agers Affinity group is: To empower and enable Solo Agers to support each other and to identify a team of individuals ready for a time when we may no longer be able to make decisions or communicate our wishes. We will do this through presentations and discussions, and by sharing with each other our concerns, ideas, resources, and any successful strategies we have used.