Caring Connections

Picture of MST to TNC bridge!Caring Connections is a collaboration between Riderwood residents, Riderwood’s Resident Services Department (Social Workers) and the Continuing Education Committee.  The mission of Caring Connections is to foster Peace of Mind among Riderwood residents as we move through the aging process. 


Each major component of Caring Connections is accessible using the BUTTONS in the top header.  Here’s a description of the contents and a link for each button.

  • Events and Courses — All of our courses and events are described.
  • Key Documents — Here are the major documents from the course curriculum, so you can view and download them separately.
  • Resource Libraries — Caring Connections has a large collection of links to online materials and also a reference section in the Village Square Library at Riderwood.
  • For Families — This section is for family members, with information about Riderwood services and checklists for major transitions.
  • Video Talks — Caring Connections offers periodic special presentations by expert speakers for the entire Riderwood community. All presentations are recorded and indexed here by topic.
  • Who We Are — The Caring Connections Committee is an active group of residents and staff whose primary mission is to educate residents of the many different transitions and decisions as we age, in advance of need.

Navigating As We Age: Changes and Choices
The Committee’s sponsers this 12-week, 30-hour course designed to: inform and support resident transistions and decisions about how we want to spend the rest of our lives; select spokesman for our wishes; and communicate those wishes to those spokesmen. The next course will begin on March 1.  See Events and Courses link for further information.

This course has generated a new course on financial security and a series of mini-courses and single programs based on core elements of that course.  See below for upcoming programs.

Congratulations to the Fall 2022 class!


Coping with Cognitive Changes: Tools and Resources

Here at Riderwood, it is not uncommon to notice that cognitive changes are taking place in ourselves, a loved one or a neighbor. Our observations can prompt anxiety, particularly when we see these changes in ourselves. Educating ourselves about cognitive changes can alleviate much of that anxiety.

What tools and resources are available when we are faced with these changes? What are some effective ways of communicating with people experiencing memory or behavior changes? Are there treatments for people with cognitive changes? What does Riderwood offer to residents with cognitive changes?

Caring Connections and Riderwood’s Resident Services Department are co-sponsoring a three-part series on Coping with Cognitive Changes.  The series will be presented on three consecutive Wednesday mornings, February 8, 15, and 23.

For more information see the information on Events and Courses