Key Documents

The Navigating as We Age course contains many useful worksheets and handouts.  You can view and download some of the key documents from this page.

Life Ledger Download

  • Explanation of the Life Ledger – please read first.
  • Life Ledger, 2023 Edition
    • NOTE: this is the binder for the course and is a large, almost 400 page PDF file.
  • Life-Ledger-for-entries-on-paper
    • This is a template for doing your Life Ledger on paper.  Have someone print it out for you or order a print copy from one of the Caring Connections Committee members.  Just copy the headings from the template that apply to you and record all of the information asked for in the Life Ledger.  Ignore anything that doesn’t apply to you.  


  • Financial Tracking Tables This is a MS Word file that is automatically downloaded and which contains three tracking tables for your personal use.
  • Budget Forecast Tables This is a MS Word file that is automatically downloaded for you and which contains Budget Forecast Tables for your personal use.
  • This is a 388-page binder from the 2023 Pilot of the course, Financial Security: Money Management as We Age. The MS Word file is automatically downloaded for your personal use.



  • Learn to avoid Scams! Money Smart for Older Adults Resource Guide  offers measures to avoid being scammed and solutions /resources if you feel you are being scammed. It is a publication of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau of the US Federal Government.


Security Measures for Smart Phones