Photo Club Artists

The Arts Council of Riderwood has three exhibits on display in the clubhouses.  This page lists the Photography Club members who have photographs in these exhibits.

Exhibit No. Location Artist:  Photograph Name(s)
Montgomery Station

Doug Bolt:  “Two Men & a Woman Enjoying Butchart Gardens”

David Farr:  “Self Portrait” and “Taking Flight”

Stuart Glickman:  “Acre Israel Mosque” and “Owl”

Thomas Smith:  “Nature’s Architecture” and “We’ve Got Your Back”

Lee Waxman:  “Uncaged”

Jerry Weinstein: “Bearded Iris”

Village Square

David Farr:  “Columbine”

Stuart Glickman:  “Boats at the Bay”

Thomas Smith:  “Pollination”

Lee Waxman:  “Dazzling Beauty” and “Remembering the Sacrifice”

Jerry Weinstein:  “Bearded Iris” and “Mount St. Michel, France”

Lakeside Commons

David Farr:  “Keeping an Eye on Tbilisi”

Stuart Glickman:  “Amsterdam Rental”

Bob Peters:  “Cycling in the Rain” and “Tien Mu Pagoda”

Lew Priven:  “My First Toothbrush”

Tom Tucker:  “Luray Caverns 1 “

Lee Waxman:  “The Capitol Gull” and “With Malice Towards None”

Jerry Weinstein:  “Lantern Masks (Hong Kong)” and “The Cathedral at Chartres (France)”