Founder’s Vision: OnPolitics is a discussion group for residents of Riderwood Village to provide members with opportunities to express their views on current political issues and, through respectful and polite discussions, increase their understanding of differing political perspectives.

  • Membership is limited to Riderwood residents
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  • Members are individually responsible for being respectful and polite in their correspondence. A member who consistently is not respectful of the views of others – is impolite or uncivil – may have his or her subscription terminated. Topics inconsistent with this guidance may be muted and / or deleted.

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Using OnPolitics

Each message from OnPolitics includes information at the bottom for common questions. More options for customizing one’s presence and usage of OnPolitics can be activated by logging on to OnPolitics, as mentioned immediately above


OnPolitics is an unaffiliated, non-partisan group of Riderwood Village residents. Views expressed thereon are those of the individual subscribers and not intended to represent views of Riderwood Village, Inc., nor Erickson Senior Living, LLC.