Help You Can Use!

If you are looking for more details about life here at Riderwood, this page points you to collections of information that residents have found useful. Click on the icons below to view the various Help pages!

Find Riderwood neighbors who can help you with lots of different tasks.

Locate local sources for vaccines, boosters, test kits, testing clinics, and guidance during the continuing Covid pandemic.

Hearing Assistive Devices: Learn about hearing loss, resources and devices to help those with low hearing.

Updated May, 2023

View and print frequently requested forms and handouts from your neighborhood front desk.

TV mysteries revealed: use remotes to record and time-shift programs; find general info about Riderwood TV. Channels – moving June 19, 2023. Record programing on Ch. 972.

Find out how to reuse, repurpose, and recycle household items.

image drive in circles

Understand the street addresses for Riderwood buildings, including hints about addressing mail and for incoming shipments.

Find help for your computers − resources from the Riderwood Computer Club: get questions answered; find tutoring for iPads/iPhones, Androids, Applications; contact IT services.

Review Riderwood group leader forms and learn how to make use of computers to support your group’s activities.

Find your way around the website tips for using your computer, your tablet, or your smart phone.

Learn how to connect Android devices to the RWV-Resident WiFi Network, including instructions for newer devices using version 12 of the Android operating system.