Need a handout? Or a form? On this page we hope to make it easier for you to find the handout or form you need. The handouts or forms mentioned below are available either at your Neighborhood Front Desk (see the list below) or on MyErickson (after you log in).  Some of the most requested handouts or forms can be printed right here.  And some forms can be submitted online from MyErickson.

Riderwood Pamphlets & Forms Available at Your Front Desk

View/Print – Click on the title below and when the handout/form is displayed, click the print button on your computer screen.

—  Area Hotel Accommodations

—  Comcast Xfinity Packages for June 2022
—  Comcast Xfinity Channels at Riderwood
—  Destruction of Old and Expired Medications
—  Guest Room Brochure
 Pet Information
 Urgent Care Options
—  USPS Mobile Truck Schedule

— Application for Resident Gate Access Device
 Bicycle Registration Form
Copy Request Form  Note:  Your Front Desk will do 10 copies or less without the form.  For more than 10 copies, fill in the form and take it to Village Square Copy Desk
Fax Note:  This form is for Town Center.  The fax number for your Neighborhood may be different.  Check with your front desk.
File of Life
Resident Key or Badge Request Form
Storage Bin Request and Policy

Login to MyErickson to access the handouts and forms below.  At the FORMS icon you can submit the form online.

  From FORMS – Complete and submit these forms  online
— Away Form and Return Form
— Dining Services Comment Card
— General Services Comment Card
— MyErickson Feedback Form

— Family and Friends Registered Guest Program
— Resident Contractor Registration Form for Parking
— Resident Vehicle Registration Form for Parking

— Birthday List
— Community Resources Handbook
— Monthly Calendar

— Pet Owner Registration Form
— Resident Handbook
— Special Events Listing

Authorization for Entry to Living Unit
— Independent Living Ancillary Fees
— Reserved Parking Request Form and Reserved Parking Cancellation Form
Start 20 Meal Plan and Discontinue 20 Meal Plan
— Storage Bin Cancellation Form