Square Dancers

Feb. 6, 2023 NOTICE:  In accordance with a survey of active dancers on 2/2/23, we will retain our mask policy of strongly urging mask wearing for all dancers. Masks will be provided, if necessary.  In the interest of keeping our dancers healthy while participating in this close contact activity, the majority of dancers have stated that they don’t want this policy to be weakened at this time.

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We are lucky to have Kenny Farris as our Square Dance caller and teacher.  He is one of the best in the Baltimore/Washington area, and has been calling and teaching for over 50 years.

Kenny Farris Bio

A list of what are called “Mainstream” calls taught by Kenny are listed below.  Usually, to attend square dancing clubs in the Baltimore/Washington area, one would have to be familiar with at least these calls.  The goal of the advanced instruction lessons here at Riderwood is for us to attain at least this level.

Here are some videos of square dancing at Riderwood which were made for the recent Opportunities Fair:

Riderwood Opportunities Fair Shortened Video

Riderwood Opportunities Fair Full Video


You can review any Square Dance call by going to the WEB site called Taminations at the following link: https://www.tamtwirlers.org/taminations/#?main=LEVELS

And/or going to this next video link:

In the following pages, specific Calls are identified by lesson number (e.g. 3), and slider location in min:sec (e.g. 0:22) .  So for example Courtesy Turn is 3,0:22