Maps of Riderwood

3-D Aerial View

3d aerial viw of riderwood

  • Aerial 3-D image of Riderwood Village from Google Earth Pro.
  • Download / view full-size.
  • Another 3-D aerial view
  • Google Earth Pro  enables neat options to :play” with a satellite view of Riderwood – rotate, zoom, change perspective; wait a moment for the map to load. View striking images of Riderwood Village.
  • Note: Some aerial views are not up-to-date. For example, Google Earth Pro views do not include the more recently opened Wellness Center.

Erickson’s Map of Riderwood

erickson map of riderwood

Erickson Living map showing neighborhoods, buildings, etc.
Click (PDF) to download.

Facility Locator Directory

facility locator

Text Version

Download a text table of the above listing of facilities in each neighborhood (PDF)

Schematic – Elevators, Bus Stops, Etc.

schematic map of Riderwood

View full-sized– find locations for local bus stops, elevators, elevation
(floor level) for links between buildings

Aerial View Showing County Line

map showing county line

View Full Size

Where’s the Line Drawn?

county line indicator in link

  • The position of the P.G. – Mont. Co. line is labeled on the window sill in the link between the Chapel and Village Square community.

“Vintage” Map by Wray

historical map

This 2012 vintage map was made by former Riderwood resident, Wray. Newer structures completed since the map was drawn, notably, the “Wellness Center,” are not present, View  Full-size.

Walking Map – Nearby Park


walking trail map

View full-size

Arbor Ridge

  • icon abr mapSchematics showing floor plan for Arbor Ridge: View / Download (PDF).
  • The images are NOT in order of floor, ground floor to top floor!
  • First image is for Second Floor
  • Second floor connects directly to Orchard Point and the rest of independent living bldgs. via a sky link.

Understanding Addresses at Riderwood

image drive in circlesAll of the Independent Living buildings look alike. Plus, there’s Arbor Ridge! Each resident building has a street address.

  • A table listing Building Names and corresponding street addresses.
  • Hints about navigating the Village.
  • Hints about proper mailing addresses.
  • Go to Street Addresses at Riderwood to see this info.