Chatterwood – Replies

Replying to Posts – Avoid Reply All

Please do NOT reply-to-all when reading posts to Chatterwood. First consider that if one does so, the reply will usually go to over 550 Chatters. This happens when both the original poster’s name and Chatterwood appear in the “TO:” box.

Chatterwood moderators get a lot of complaints about this issue so please do fellow subscribers a favor and attend to this issue. It does take a bit of learning for some but fellow Chatters will appreciate the effort.

Moreover, in most cases it is not appropriate to reply-to-all with expressions of agreement and similar messages. Just reply to the original poster. Don’t assume that the whole world necessarily needs to know about your agreement or blessing.

How-To with Illustrations

LOOK at the “TO:” box for your replies and delete all addresses that are not for the original poster. We know that different methods of accessing email present different methods for only replying to senders so look closely.

Many residents use Gmail to access Chatterwood. Therefore, illustrations appear below to help those who may be puzzled by this matter.

Gmail – Reply to Sender

gmail iconScreen shots, appearing below, were created to illustrate how to only reply-to-sender using Gmail. The first set  of illustrations were created using a computer monitor. Later we see how to reply-to-sender from a cell phone Gmail app, which is likely to be applicable for users of tablets.

  • First, open the email and click on Reply.

selecting reply option

  • Notice, below, that only one addressee will on the “TO:” line. (Addressees have been gray-out for privacy purposes.)

  • After having clicked on Reply, the window for composing a message appears.

proper method to reply

  • Note that if one clicks on the drop-down arrow next to the addressee / “TO:” box, several addresses appear.

  • Do not select them, or,
  • Click on the Waste Basket icon to Discard Draft.

More Alternatives / Variants

image re: proper method for repling

image re: proper method for repling

Replies From A Cell Phone Gmail App

These screens shots were prepared using an Android. They may appear different on other cell phones and tablets.

  • Click on Reply to reply-to-sender-only.

image re: proper method for repling

  • If this screen appears, click on Reply.

proper method for replying

Your moderator hopes this is helpful and lessens the burden of getting unwanted replies on Chatterwood. Thanks for reading.