Social Connection


Social Connection is an internet-based local service to make it easy for Riderwood residents (couples and singles) to get together to share dinners and events.

An application (app) for just Riderwood residents that focuses on meeting and sharing a meal as a start of friendship and social interaction.

Riderwood residents Register and fill out a Profile of their interests, backgrounds, and topics of Interest. The computer application displays profiles for users to choose and contact for dining or an event.

Social connection significantly improves the health and well-being of all individuals. (Office of the U.S. Surgeon General 2023)
“Social connection reduces the risk of premature mortality. It can predict better physical and mental health outcomes and ease stress. Higher levels of connection can influence health-related behaviors.”

We will have monthly meetings of the Riderwood Social Connection Group to help residents fill out descriptive profiles and discuss ways to increase Social Connection at Riderwood. Join the group for announcements and program notes (use the subscribe link at the bottom of the group page above).

Issues and material for the monthly meetings will be taken from the Surgeon General’s report, the Yale: Science of Well-Being course, the medical department’s Mass General Well-Being course, the Harvard Happiness course, and Dr. Jim David’s brochures. All focused on Social Connection at Riderwood.

Contact Mel Haas for more information. See Resident Directory in MyErickson for contact information.