Pickleball History

This is a history of pickleball at Riderwood

History of Pickleball at Riderwood


Early days: Jack McEleny and Joe Sumner Jim Henkelman-Bahn (Joe Sumner told me he was around at the beginning but wasn’t an organizer, but there was a third person besides Jack and Jim.)


Started in 2007? Name of Fitness Manager who promoted it?


Chalking down lines in the activity room


Did you ever use tape


Permanent painting of lines? (Did this happen after the flood in the room?)


Visit from Swedish(?) television crew.


Visit from Pickleball Ambassador (Sylvia Bell)


Visit to play at Leisure World


Other community visits




First election of officers: Joe Finan president, Dee Sperling vice president, David Nation treasurer, Linda Pelletier Secretary


First playing on tennis court: October 18, 2018. Joe Finan, David Nation, Linda Pelletier, Dee Sperling, Bill Flank, Richard Bennof laid down masking tape for the court lines and played outdoor pickleball on a beautiful Fall morning.


Setting aside one hour a week for women-only play. Organized by Dee Sperling and Linda Pelletier.


Appointment of Competition Committee to try to standardize issues about play: Jack Hessler, Richard Benhof, Allen Slutsky.


How many paid members do we end up with?



Move to outside

Played at Beltsville via carpool until Covid closed them down.



 Lines on court

Playing outside with masks

Institution of ladder




New by-laws