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Herein find a collection of information / presentations from past meetings of the Riderwood Photography Club.

2022 June – Stereo Photography – Allen Minton

Allen spoke on Stereo Photograph (think 3-D). He presented examples of stereo photos and explained different method of creating them.

A PDF version of his presentation is available HERE. Allen emphasized . . .  in order to see the anaglyphic images in the presentation, a pair of red-cyan 3D glasses is necessary. These may be obtained from a vendor such as

2022 May Various Aspects of “. . .  Scapes”

Presented by Don Becker

In I will talk about the various aspects of “. . . Scapes.” “By this I mean LandScapes, CityScapes, etc. Perhaps the Wikipedia definition has it best:

What is a “scape” in photography?

The meaning of “scape” as taken from the dictionary is either “an extensive view” or “a picture or representation” of such a view. There are many different “scapes” used in photography. To mention a few in addition to the landscape, we have seascapes, streetscapes, cloudscapes, waterscapes, mountainscapes, etc.

I will show a variety of all types of “. . . scapes”” that I have taken, and will also show a few outstanding  “. . . scapes” from a professional landscape photographer friend of mine, primarily landscapes and cityscapes. We can discuss some aspects of these photographs and whether you feel that these would be an interesting type of photography that you might be interested in. I will also present a list of attributes that at least most “Scapes” should contain.

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