PAC Resources

This page contains resource materials for use by PAC members.  It was updated on 8/9/21.

Using This Page

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Organization Documents

  • PAC bylaws, version of September 2021
  • PAC Membership List

Production Documents

  • PAC Production Guide, Edition of September 2022
  • Contact list. Edition of February 26, 2023.  The Production Guide refers to many job titles.  The Contact List tells you who holds each job.  For security reasons, phone numbers and email addresses are not included.  Contact information is separate from the Production Guide so the Production Guide doesn’t have to be changed every time a contact changes.

Riderwood Reporter articles


  • Poster Team Guidelines – How to work with the Poster Team.
  • Poster Templates – Downloads a ZIP file containing three Microsoft Publisher templates, one  for each of our series.
  • Microsoft Word Poster Template
  • Copy Center Request Form for Posters
  • Checklist for Encore Series Posters
  • Checklist for Classical Music Series Posters
  • Checklist for FMMC Series Posters

Event Programs

This section contains information on producing event programs, which the ushers hand to audience members when they enter the venue.

  • Program Team Guidelines, Edition of March 2022 – How to work with the program team.
  • Microsoft Publisher Sample Concert Program.  You can modify this program to craft your own.  It downloads in a ZIP file.
  • Copy Center Request Form for Concert Programs

Tri-Fold Brochures

Our tri-fold brochures are to be handed out by the ushers at each PAC event.  A supply of brochures is located near each of our standard venues.  Please return any unused brochures to the storage location after each event.

For Encore Theater events, the brochures are located in a small storage room accessed from the Gallery, which is near the entrance to Encore Theater.  In the storage room look for a 3-drawer filing cabinet whose top drawer is marked, “Performing Arts Council.”

For chapel events…

Copy Center

Click here to download the Copy Center Request Form, which is new as of June 2022.  It is a Microsoft Word document (docx) whose blanks you can fill in with Word or you can print it out and fill it in by hand.

When you open the form in Word, you may have to click an “Enable Editing” button near the top of the form before you can print or edit it.


Driving Directions

Think about performers driving to Riderwood while having to contend with DC traffic.  Talk about pressure!  We owe them foolproof directions so they don’t get lost and arrive late.  Here are samples.  Modify them as your needs dictate.

  • Driving Directions to Riderwood’s Encore Theater.  These directions start with the driver heading east on the beltway toward US 29.
  • Driving Directions to Riderwood’s Chapel from the beltway.