Performing Arts Council – Membership

The following information is intended to answer your questions about what the PAC does, what we expect of our members, how much time membership takes, and what you get out of it.

PAC Events

1. What does the PAC do?
We strive to enhance the quality of resident life by bringing top notch professional entertainers to Riderwood throughout the year.
2. How many events do you produce each year?
The Encore Series produces 11 events per year.  The Classical Music Series and the Friday Morning Music Club Series each produce 3 to 4 concerts per year.  In all, we produce 17 or more events per year.
3. What kind of entertainment does the PAC sponsor?  Is it all music?
Encore Series events include music, dance, and theater.  The Classical Music and Friday Morning Music Club Series produce classical music.
4. Where are PAC events held?
Encore Series events are held in Encore Theater.  The other series’ events are held in the chapel.  There are occasional exceptions.
5. What “level” of entertainers do you use?
Performers are professionals who perform for a fee (usually).  Performers are not drawn from Riderwood residents or staff.
6. Where do you find entertainers who are willing to perform at Riderwood?
Some performers contact us and offer to perform at Riderwood.  Otherwise, our members suggest performers they have been impressed by or otherwise have heard about.  Sometimes residents suggest entertainers they would like to see perform at Riderwood.
7. What is the cost of tickets?
Tickets for the Encore Series are $10 each.  Tickets for the Classical Music Series are $10 each, but can be bought in advance of the season at a discount when you purchase a subscription.  Friday Morning Music Club Series admission is free.
8. Why do you charge admission?  Why not have free events?
Ticket sales revenue covers the cost of entertainer fees and incidental expenses of the PAC.  Where entertainers perform for free, we do not charge for admission.

The PAC Organization

1. Does the PAC have regularly scheduled meetings?
The PAC meets at 10 AM on the second Tuesday of the month in the Montgomery Station Art Studio to plan the Encore Series performances.  These meetings last about an hour.
Following the full PAC meeting, the PAC’s Classical Music Committee meets to plan the Classical Music Series and the Friday Morning Music Club Series concerts.  These meetings last a half hour or less.
2. Are there membership dues?
3. Is the PAC formally organized?
The PAC has by-laws that govern its activities.  There are four officers (president, vice president, secretary, treasurer) who are elected by the members for 3-year overlapping terms.
4. Can I join the PAC at any time or do I have to wait for the beginning of the PAC’s “year?”
The PAC’s year starts on January 1.  However, you are welcome to join at any time.
5. Does the PAC contribute to Riderwood’s Benevolent Care Fund?
The PAC makes an annual contribution to the fund.
6. Can I sit in on a PAC meeting as a guest?
Yes.  You can visit the PAC meeting and the meeting of the Classical Music Committee, if you like.

Member Skills and Responsibilities

1. What qualifications do you look for in prospective members?
It would be helpful to have a music or entertainment background.  However, the PAC’s primary focus is the “business” side of entertainment.  If you can manage a project (performance) you are welcome to apply for membership.
2. Are any computer skills required?
Members must be able to send and receive emails and to open or download email attachments.  Members must be reachable by telephone.
3. What is the process for joining?
Visit a meeting so that we can meet each other.  Fill out a membership application (see below).  Return the completed application per the instructions on the form.  The members will then vote on your application.
4. What do members do?
There are a number of jobs to be filled, but the primary job is that of Producer.
5. What do producers do?
Each PAC event is managed from start to finish by a producer.  The producer acts as the Riderwood point of contact for the performer, prepares marketing materials, and oversees all planning and preparations for a successful performance.
6. Do you provide any training for producers?
Yes.  We have a Production Guide that documents all producer activities and provides a time line.  We also offer training and mentoring.
7. Do PAC members get free admission to PAC events?
No.  PAC members buy tickets just like other residents.

How to apply for membership

  1. Click here to open the membership application form on your computer.  After it opens, click the downward pointing arrow near the upper right corner of your screen to download it to your computer.  Then you can print it out and fill it in.
  2. While viewing the form, click the down-pointing arrow near the upper-right corner to download the form to your computer.
  3. Print the form.
  4. Fill out the form.
  5. Attend a meeting of the PAC.
  6. Give your completed application to the PAC president or other officer.
  7. The PAC will vote on your application.
  8. The PAC president will contact you with the result of the vote.

The PAC makes a significant annual contribution to the Benevolent Care Fund.