Lit Flicks

We are fans of films based on literary works, such as a book, short story, poem, or play. Screenings alternate between Mondays and Thursdays, and move around campus to make the fun more accessible to all. Reading the original is not required, but enriches our discussions. For more information contact:

6/5 7 pm. Encore Theater: Les Misérables (1935 version)

This acclaimed version of the classic Victor Hugo tale follows the life of Jean Valjean (Fredric March), a former convict who was imprisoned for stealing bread for his sister’s family. After years in jail, Valjean attempts to readjust to life as a free man, but he finds that many are not forgiving of his past, particularly the obsessive Inspector Javert (Charles Laughton). Perpetually on the run, Valjean finds comfort in the chaos by caring for the young peasant girl Cosette (Rochelle Hudson).

Runtime 108 minutes

2023 Schedule (All movies start at 7 p.m.):

Date Film Location
1/19 The Commitments TNC Classroom
2/13 Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants VSQ Music Room
4/3 Zorba the Greek Encore
4/10 Being There VSQ Music Room
5/11 Dr. Zhivago Encore
6/5 Les Misérables Encore
7/6 For Whom the Bell Tolls Encore
7/31 Das Boot TNC Classroom
8/31 Joy Luck Club TNC Classroom
9/25 All Quiet on the Western Front VSQ Music Room
10/26 Beowulf VSQ Music Room
11/20 The Prime of Miss Jean Brody Encore
12/21 The Great Gatsby To be Announced

Because some venues have limited seating, we do not publicize every film on Chatterwood. To stay informed on schedule changes and take part in selecting next year’s films by joining our email list. Send a blank message from your preferred address to: If you prefer a paper notice delivered to your cubby, let us know at