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Deep Dive: Recording / Time Shifting TV Shows

Several methods of recording and time-shifting of programs are available with Comcast Xfinity programing at Riderwood. The methods involve using the Xfinity remote. This guide was prepared using the X11 remote but may be useful to other remotes such as the X15.

First, become familiar with the controls on the remote. In addition to the channel selections, the microphone (mic), Record, and Navigation buttons are most relevant.

Recording from Live TV & Guide

From Live TV

  • In the middle of a show and need to save it for later viewing? Touch the Red Record button. Options like those reviewed below will appear.
  • just highlight Just this episode and touch OK.
  • The program will be recorded from this point for later viewing.

Record From Guide

  • While viewing the TV Guide move the selector to highlight a show on a different channel and/ or in the future.
  • Use the navigation arrows to move left and right.
    • Touch the Fast Forward and Rewind Buttons  ◀◀   ▶▶  to move rapidly forward and back in time.
  • Touch the Red Record Button.
  • Select Episodes with navigation arrows and the OK buttons.

  • A list of episodes appears with a brief description of each episode.

  • Using the Navigator arrows, highlight the Episode of choice.
  • Touch OK to select the chosen episode to start watching.
    • Leave the dialogs for selecting Episodes by touching the Exit button if no selection is desired.

Voice Search

  • Hold down the blue Mic button.
  • Say sixty minutes in a normal voice.
    • Sometimes speach-to-text algorithms doesn’t “understand” or plain “get it wrong!”
    • Try again, enunciating clearly.
    • If that doesn’t work, try another method.
  • Release the mic button.
  • Select Record with the arrow navigation key.
  • Press OK.

On Demand Selections

  • Many TV programs, movies, etc., are available “On Demand” for retrieval and viewing.
  • Browse selections by touching the xfinity (Menu) button on the remote.
  • Highlight On Demand and touch OK.

  • On the screen that appears, highlight TV.
  • Touch OK.
  1. A list of selections will appear. Browse and select the TV program to view.
  2. Note that other options – “For You, “Movies,” etc. are available.
  3. Caution – some are NOT FREE and require a subscription with attendant costs.

A Note About Channel 971

Channels 971, 977 and 978 are local to Riderwood and the above techniques may not work for recording these channels.
See “Record Channel 972 How-To” for info.

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