Record Channel 971 How-To

Recording programs on Riderwood TV, Channel 971, is a challenge. To overcome this, here’s a guide that may help some residents. Caution: These instructions apply to the Xfinity DVR and ONLY to the Xfinity XR11 remote. They might be helpful for users of other remotes and DVRs. YMMV, but one resident reports that these instructions work with his, similar, X15 remote.

Referring to the image at right, below:

  • The red arrows and text designate which buttons to use on the remote to achieve a desired action.
  • Use the OKAY and arrow keys to setup a recording. In the following instructions,
  •  ↑  means touch the UP Arrow button,
  •  ← means touch the Left Arrow button, etc.
  •  OKAY means touch the center, OKAY button.


  • Image of Xfinity XR11 remoteStart by going to channel 971
  •  Touch GUIDE – a list of channels appears
  •   highlights Ch. 971
  •  OKAY
  •   access RECORD options
  •  OKAY
  •   access recording time and date settings
  •  OKAY
    •   / adjust hour
    •   move to MINUTES selector
    •   / change minutes (zero for start of hour)
    •   move to AM / PM selector
    •   / select AM or PM
    •  OKAY
    •   select DURATION
    •   / increment / decrement recording duration
    •   move to select a date to START
    •  OKAY
    •   / change start DATE
    •  OKAY
    •   move to SAVE options
    •   / select save option; default: until [recording] space needed
    •   OKAY
  •        move to CONFIRM selector
  •  OKAY to confirm recording options

Choose recording times longer than expected run time to capture whole programs.

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