Covid Questions?

Do you have questions about Covid vaccines, boosters, testing, or government guidance? This page should help you sort out what is relevant for Riderwood residents!

If you are having any Covid Symptoms, the first place to turn to is the Riderwood Medical Center (301 572-8340) and your primary care physician.

Vaccines and Boosters

If you missed the Riderwood clinics to get your booster shots, there may still be some shots available – check with the Riderwood Medical Center. However, here are some close-by locations where you can get the shots. Walk-ins may be accepted at these off-campus locations, but it is best to arrange an appointment.

  • The Giant Pharmacy in the new store on Cherry Hill Road (301 572-6445)
  • The CVS Pharmacy in the Calverton Shopping Center (301 572-5500) or in the Target on Cherry Hill Road (301 586-0873)

For more information about vaccines and boosters, or to find other clinic locations, go to

Covid Testing

There are basically two types of tests available, antigen Rapid tests and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests. The antigen Rapid test shows results in 15 minutes or less, while the PCR test needs to be processed by a lab. This Chart from the Kansas Health Department briefly explains the difference.

At Home Test Kits

There may be circumstances where you need to provide proof of a negative covid test (visiting Arbor Ridge residents, participating in a family gathering, etc.).  The at-home antigen Rapid tests are a good bet for this – just take a photo of the test result on your smart phone.

Medicare Part B continues to cover the cost of 8 at-home antigen Rapid test kits per month. The details of this program are on a website. You can get the free test kits at most pharmacies, including the CVS located within Riderwood (stop by to arrange for pickup).

You might need to show your red, white, and blue Medicare card to get your free over-the-counter COVID-19 tests (even if you have another card for a Medicare Advantage Plan or Medicare Part D plan).

If you want to use Made-in-USA test kits, check out this article from the Alliance for American Manufacturing.

Test Clinics

There are some nearby locations that will perform Rapid and/or PCR tests. If you do use a clinic, be sure that you provide correct personal information, so that the test results will be properly recorded and accessible to you.

  • For testing to visit residents in Arbor Ridge, you can get a Rapid test at Arbor Ridge. Call the ABR front desk (301 572-8430) for details.
  • Montgomery County offers PCR tests at a number of locations for both county residents and visitors. The county MOCO Covid Testing website provides additional details, as well as clinic schedules and locations.
  • Prince George’s County also has a number of test clinics which can be found through the PG Clinic Locations website.
  • For veterans enrolled in VA Health Care, Veterans Affairs offers both at-home test kits and PCR lab tests.

Before you go to any of the sites identified as test clinics, be sure to verify that they are still doing the testing you need.

If you get a positive rapid result at a pharmacy test clinic, the pharmacist may be able to prescribe a Covid treatment medication for you.

Government Covid Information

The CDC Covid Data Tracker provides national statistics and can also drill down to state and county level statistics.

The Maryland CovidLINK page provides links to state programs and information.

Montgomery County and Prince George’s County have websites with county statistics and guidance:

The national CDC Covid page has links to all of the CDC guidance and recommendations.