GVPrw: Gun Violence Prevention Discussion Group at Riderwood Using groups.io

Gun Violence Prevention Discussion Group

at Riderwood

The Gun Violence Prevention group uses email to discuss and share information about gun violence prevention, both nationwide and in Maryland.

Joining the group

Any resident or staff member of Riderwood is welcome to join. To join, go to the groups.io web site by clicking here. After you get the groups.io web page, click on the button to request membership in the list. You will then receive an email message asking you to enter your email address. Then click on the button to request membership in the group.

After you submit your request, you will then receive an automated email message containing a web link for you to click on. This confirms that the email address entered on the web page is really yours. After that, your request to join will be approved by one of the group managers (list owners). You will then be a member of the group and will receive all email messages sent to the group.

The procedure is slightly different if you already have a groups.io account (i.e., are a member of another groups.io group, e.g., Chatterwood). In that case, you will be asked to login in order to request membership in the group.

Sending a message to the group

Just send an email message to gvprw@groups.io. The message will be sent to every member of the group. Only members may send messages to the group.

All messages sent to the group must

  • Relate to the purpose of the group
  • Respect differing opinions
  • Be civil
  • Include the name of the sender

The group managers (list owners) reserve the right to suspend or remove anyone who, in their sole opinion, repeatedly acts in an uncivil manner or does not respect the purpose of the group.


The archives are available here (http://archives.groups.io/gvprw). Access to the archives is limited to group members.

Group Managers

The managers of the group are

Bob Tiller: <gvprw-manager-bt@riderwoodlife.com>

Jennifer Fajman: <gvprw-groupmanager-jf@riderwoodlife.com>

The contact for technical issues regarding the email list server (groups.io) and this web page on RiderwoodLife.com is

Roger Fajman: <gvprw-webmaster-rf@riderwoodlife.com>

You can also send email relating to any issue regarding GVPrw to: <gvprw+owner@groups.io>

Leaving the group

To leave the group (unsubscribe), just click here, to go to the groups.io web site to request removal from the group. You will receive an email message with a web link to link on to confirm that the email address entered is really yours. After that is done, you will no longer be a member of the group.

More information about gun violence prevention

There are many groups listed here that are involved in the gun violence prevention movement, at the national, state, and local levels. Some of the groups sponsor events.

NRA Vigil

There is a Vigil at NRA Headquarters on the 14th of each month. Look here for more information.

Elected Representatives

You can also contact your elected representatives with your opinions about gun violence prevention. If you live in Riderwood, who your representatives are depends on whether you live in the Montgomery County or the Prince George’s County part of Riderwood. There are a lot of elected representatives from many jurisdictions who are working on gun violence prevention.