Quick Start

The Quick Start guide is intended to get new users “up and running” as fast as possible. For more detailed instructions on writing, handling Media, etc., refer to
Tips for Writers of RiderwoodLife.


Starting / Editing

Start: Opening A Page

To start a new page or edit an existing one, Click on the pages icon in the left, black menu bar.

Create or Edit

For a new page, click on Add New.

OR, Edit an existing page by clicking on a page title.

That opens a blank page for new content or an existing page for editing.

Notice the space at the top for entering a title and the blank space in the middle where page text will reside.

Enter Page Content

  • In this example, we have the page title, “Fake.” And,
  • We have added some content. The first line will be styled as a heading.

Using the Style Bar

The style bar is used to change the “look” of text. The default is “ordinary,” paragraph text.

To change text to a heading, select text by dragging the cursor over the text.

Then, click on Paragraph on the styling bar. Move the cursor down to highlight the style for test – a top-level Heading 1 in this case. Release the cursor.

Result: the text is now a heading.

Headings may also be created by placing the cursor in a blank area and selecting the heading style before typing new content.

NOTE that heading styles should NOT be used to emphasize “ordinary” text. Headings are meant to delineate, hierarchically, the major topics on a web page. Use BOLD or other styling as an attention getter.

More Style

Many more tools are available to style text:

  • Bold
  • Italics
  • Color text
  • Underscore
  • lists – useful for “compacting” text vertically to diminish vertical blank space.
  • Add links, but see guidance: Creating Links to Other Web Pages (URLs)
  • Experiment and/or refer to the Tips pages referenced at the top of this page.


When finished editing, be sure to Save Draft. In fact, it’s a good idea to that periodically to avoid losing added or new content.

Last Editing Step: Logout

Logout to disconnect from a page for RiderwoodLife.com. Otherwise contents of your browser cache can cause problems.


  • One more check: view in Preview mode to check for errors and overall appearance.
  • To get a new page published – listed and live on RiderwoodLife.com, contact an administrator at questions@riderwoodlife.com.
  • After Admin approval, Publish and notify us that the page is ready for listing in the Table of Contents.
  • To update an existing page, edit and Publish it. Don’t save as a draft or it will be invisible to readers of the web site.