What Doesn’t Work

Here are some comments residents have made describing some of the things they tried, but found not to work very well for them. So you may need to experiment a bit to see what works for you!

My food scraps were too liquid, storing directly in a compostable bag resulted in early disintegration of the compostable bag.

Previously someone donated a heavy metal bucket that smelled bad. Couldn’t live with that.

When I didn’t remove water well from food scraps before putting them in a compostable bag, the bag almost fell apart and the plastic container I used to store the bag got dirty (and a little smelly). When I didn’t cut vegetable scraps into smaller sizes, I punctured a hole in the compostable bag. Now I make sure that I cut food scraps into manageable sizes.

We had been using a large yogurt container with a bag, but it was way too small, and I dreaded opening it to put stuff in.

We tried storing the scraps in a plastic container in our refrigerator. This didn’t work well because of the limited space between the shelves in our refrigerator and because we found that scraps stored in our freezer were easier to manage.

I tried freezing them but found I had more space in the refrigerator and that frozen scraps sometimes tore the composable bag when moving it.

I tried just keeping a bag in the refrigerator, but it was less convenient than right next to the sink.

I tried a plastic countertop bin made for the purpose, but it was too small for a 2 person household.