Example Blocks

This page provides examples of integrating some block editor features into your RiderwoodLife.com web pages. 


Use a Column Block to set up multiple columns on your page for lists.

Item one
Item two
Item three

Item four
Item five
Item six

Item seven
Item eight
Item nine
Item ten

Or for images with related text.

Here’s a picture of a dog.

And here’s another picture to talk about.

Links with Images and Buttons

Instead of just using links embedded in text, add image and button links.

Here’s an image block to load a .pdf file to view/print a larger version of the poster.

Here’s a button block to link to the Recycling Help page:

Here’s a Media and Text block to link to the Home page.

Click on the icon to go to RiderwoodLife.com


The tables created by the Block editor are similar to those of document editors, with a choice of the number of columns and options for headers and footers.  Once created, you can add/remove rows and columns.


A Block Header

Headers created with either editor will appear in the automated TOC.

The Classic Editor has a set of standard colors that can be applied to text and headers. You can add color (“highlight”) to a Block Editor header or other text, but you need to have a HEX code ready, to get a consistent color across multiple headings or related text.


  1. Do not use the Block Editor to create galleries. (They are not correctly implemented!) Create galleries and add images only using the Classic Editor.
  2. You can edit any Classic blocks with either the Block Editor or the Classic Editor.  But you cannot (must not) change any Block Editor content with the Classic Editor.  If you do, then you will have errors when you subsequently try to edit the page with the Block Editor.
  3. Use the Block editor to easily re-organize a page with multiple blocks – the editor has up/down arrows to move blocks around, as well as a “drag and drop” sidebar.
  4. Paragraphs and Headings can be done in either Editor, but you can’t insert a new “block” with the Block Editor within an existing Classic block, so it can be better to organize the page using the Block Editor.