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COPY of Now What? Newcomers Group

You’ve downsized, packed, and moved to Riderwood.


The Now What? Newcomers Group is a resident-run group for newcomers.
Now What? hosts a variety of activities:

    • Meet & Greets
    • Presentations by Riderwood residents
    • Presentations by Riderwood staff members
    • Tutorials for using the MyErickson website

We publicize our events in the MyErickson Activities calendar, on Clubhouse bulletin boards, and here on

To receive email notifications about Now What? events, email  .

Questions? Please email  .

First Things First

    • Get to know the key Riderwood staff members in your Clubhouse: your Resident Services representative, your Community Resources Coordinator, your Facilities Coordinator and the Front Desk team. Introduce yourself and get their names and contact information. If needed ask your Front Desk staff member for the names and contact information for key staff members.
    • Sign into MyErickson (see “Resources” below).  Edit and save your profile.  Include your hobbies and interests. This makes it easier for new acquaintances to find you. 
    • Be sure to wear your name tag. It’s hard for any of us to make new friends when we can’t remember their names! And keep that blue “New Resident” ribbon on for a while. It really does get noticed.
    • Save the phone number for Security in your mobile phone.

Upcoming Activities

Oct. 19, 2023 from 2:00-3:00 p.m. in the Lakeside Commons Card Room.  Resident Donna Suchmann presents The Resident Advisory Counciil (RAC): Make It Work For You.” 

Nov. 2023: No general meeting.


For access to MyErickson on your computer or laptop, use this website:

For access to MyErickson on your tablet (e.g. iPad), phone or other devices, download the MyErickson app.

Useful Links     

What you Need to Know about Riderwood Medical Center presented on July 11, 2023.

Village Square Repositioning presented on January 17, 2023. This program is about renovations being planned for VSQ and Arbor Ridge.

Town Center Window Replacement presented on November 3, 2022. There is a plan to replace windows in all buildings in 2024.

Construction Junction presented on  January 9, 2023.  This program is about large-scale projects on campus.

Contact Us

Email  .

Mission Statement

The mission of the Now What? Newcomers Group is to help newer residents make connections with:

  • other residents
  • staff members who can be of assistance to them
  • other clubs and groups that may be of interest

Now What?, which is resident-run and open to all residents, plans activities which include:

  •  convening Meet & Greets, at which residents can get to know and mingle with each other
  • inviting residents and staff members to give presentations on topics of interest to all residents
  •  encouraging and fostering connections between residents and other Riderwood activities, clubs, and groups

Many residents stay involved with Now What? long after they no longer are technically new.