Navigating As We Age: Changes and Choices

This course brings peace of mind to both residents and their family members. Peace of Mind comes from making informed choices about the myriad of options for the decisions involved in aging. It was developed because of a resident’s need for practical guidance and information.

Venn diagram showing the overlap between Legal Decisions, Health Decisions, and Financial Decisions resulting in Peace of MindThe decisions focus on three areas: Legal, Financial and Health issues. Please see the FAQs below.

The next course will be Spring, 2023. This 12-class, practical course will promote Peace of Mind as you explore, understand, and document your ongoing legal, financial & health options.  Registration for the course will be in mid-February.

Course Information

Frequently Asked Questions  about the course, Navigating As We Age.

Registering for Navigating As We Age: Changes & Choices:  Information on registering will be posted on Sunday, February 12 for review. The following day, will be the one day registration beginning at 9:00am and ending at 5:00pm.  Space for 20 residents will fill quickly.  Those admitted will be notified the next day.

Binder for Class (2022 edition)  Note — this is the binder for the course and is a large, 400 page PDF file.

Life Ledger 

Course Outline

  1. Overview and Life Ledger
  2. Bridges and Connections – Resident Service Coordinators/Social Workers
  3. Legal (will, trusts, titling assets, etc.)
  4. Finance 1 (Powers of Attorney, insurance)
  5. Finance 2 at Riderwood (Resource Assurance)
  6. Maintaining Health at Riderwood (physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual)
  7. Emergencies Happen!
  8. Challenges of Aging
  9. Continuum of Care at Riderwood
  10. Planning a Graceful Exit
  11. Hospice
  12. When We Can’t Do It Alone