Financial Security: Money Management as We Age

Frequently Asked Questions

Caring Connections is offering a new course in Financial Security.  The application  process for the pilot has closed. We expect to offer the course in the summer of 2023. Read on for some answers to your Frequently Asked Questions!

FINANCIAL SECURITY: Money Management as We Age offers Riderwood residents a multi-faceted, 9-session course designed by the Caring Connections Committee to build skills andknowledge necessary to:    

  • manage the range of financial aspects in your life
  • plan for changing circumstances and develop a personal support system as you age
  • increase your Peace of Mind

This new pilot course will serve 20 residents willing to provide feedback to the development team. The course, taught by specialists in relevant financial fields. It will offer practical skill-building activities, exercises, and homework to apply information to your personal situation.

What are the Course objectives?
The aim of the course is to equip you with confidence and a sense of control over your present and future financial situations. The course will build knowledge and skills leading to:

  • Better understanding of Riderwood’s Finance Department and its resources
  • Improved understanding and management of your personal assets and income
  • Identifying resources and personal supporters ahead of need
  • Documenting your wishes and personal information in your Life Ledger

What is the Life Ledger? The Life Ledger, designed by the Caring Connections Committee, facilitates the documentation of personal data and preferences in a format that makes it easy to share with members of your personal support system. Each class & homework assignment will encourage completing a segment of the Life Ledger.

What topics are covered in the 9 sessions of the course?

Class 1 Overview of Course, Life Ledger, $ Risks We Face
Class 2 Building My Personal Support System
Class 3 Riderwood: My Resources, My Costs (contract terms, Benevolent Care Fund, return of Initial deposit, costs of care)
Class 4 Banking and Cash Flow
Class 5 Budgeting for the Future (Skill building in budget development & management )
Class 6 My Legal / Health Decisions Impacting My Money (Understanding Advance Directives)
Class 7 Taxes Simplified, No Really!
Class 8 Managing My Investments
Class 9 Managing Risks and Insurance Coverage

Who should take this course? The course content is designed for Riderwood residents who want to boost their financial knowledge and skills. Whether you are a novice in managing your finances or have done it all your life, at some point in the future, you will likely need some support with daily money management, taxes, budgeting and so on. We welcome all participants, even if you are new to finance, or don’t trust yourself yet, or are reluctant to ask for help. This course includes optional follow-up guidance to ease your mind, not with specific answers but with encouragement so you find your own. 

The course can help with identifying a personal support system, steps toward trading roles, effectively communicating your preferences, and learning about Riderwood’s Finance Department and eligibility for the Benevolent Care Fund. Even residents who already have expert advisors may benefit from being better prepared to ask good questions and work with those advisors more effectively. Success means managing what you can and delegating to people you trust when needed.

Requirements for enrollment

  • Commitment to attend all classes and complete the assigned homework / Life Ledger
  • Ability to actively engage in small group interactive activities
  • Willingness to provide feedback to help improve the course content
  • Access and comfort with a computer are NOT required, but desirable
  • Payment of $50 materials fee which covers the costs of development and a course binder 

Time commitment? Besides in-class time, expect to spend two to three hours per week entering data into your Life Ledger, completing worksheets and other homework assignments. You have an option to explore resource articles and videos to reinforce classroom learning, and to share with your family. Practicing any new approaches over time is essential to learning.

Can I access the course content online? Yes. Taking the course in person offers a richer experience, but content can be self-guided as well. Downloads will be posted on the Caring Connections website where you can access the Financial Security Binder and the Life Ledger for independent use.

When and how can I register for Financial Security? Register from January 18-21, 2023. Download applications HERE. See publicity in Reporter/ Bulletin Boards. Then the Committee will select 20 residents for enrollment, not first come, first served. Our goal is 10 single residents and 10 spouses representing 10 couples. Why? The feedback from all students will help guide the future content for this series so they need to represent a range of lifestyles, levels of financial knowledge and perspectives. This range also enhances class discussions. Please share your perspectives / needs on the application. Two residents from the same family will only be accepted if there is room in the class. We will notify all applicants of their enrollment status soon after January 21. Applicants not selected can be waitlisted in case someone drops out early in the course.

Downloadable Documents for Financial Security Class:

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