End of Life Issues

Planning for End of Life

  • Understanding Your Choices for Medical Treatment in Maryland – June 15, 2022 Riderwood’s Dr. Andrew Kundrat and Maryland Assistant Attorney General Paul Ballard answer questions regarding end-of-life medical treatment, including details on MOLST forms and Advance Care Directives.
  • Politics & Prose Interview with the NPR Commentator, Diane Rehm, on her book, When My Time Comes.  This is a discussion of the movement to allow death with dignity with physician assistance.  A PBS documentary based on the book is also available.
  • End of Life Planning with NPR’s Diane Rehm Sept 2, 2021 RWV Program given by Diane Rehm, Host for National Public Radio.
  • End of Life Helping with Comfort and Care National Institute on Aging.  This is a comprehensive booklet in the Village Square library.
  • Dying at Home – Washington Post article, February 14, 2020.  Many Americans say they want to die at home.  It’s not always easy to make that happen.
  • Last Days of Life – Care at the end of life, including common symptoms and questions about treatment. It may help people with cancer and their families understand what to expect during this time. National Cancer Institute.

Hospice and Palliative Care Presentation

Dr. David Schrier, the Chief Medical Officer of Montgomery and Prince George’s County Hospice. The difference between palliative care and Hospice and the roles of each in options for care at Riderwood. Sponsored by Family Council of Arbor Ridge on March 2, 2022.

Making End of Life Decisions for Someone: National Institute of Health, Institute on Aging, December 2021

Tip Sheet on Advance Care Planning: National Institute of Health, Institute on Aging, January 2018

Advance Care Planning Resources by National Institute on Health, January 2018.  Many of these booklets are in the Village Square library.

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