End of Life Planning: Riderwood's Procedures for when a Resident Passes Away

Lecture on End of Life Planning: Riderwood’s Procedures for when a Resident Passes Away

  • Elder Law Attorney Jessica Gorsky explores the legal planning that can help dependent loved ones secure their futures.  Video and slides from the June 28, 2022 presentation.
  • Caring for Others – Caring for Yourself  Riderwood’s Resident Services department sponsored this November 13th, 2018 presentation by Dr. Tova Rubin, who discussed the importance of taking time out for self care as a caregiver for family and friends.
  • Prepare to Care Guide AARP’s 33 page planning guide for families.  It includes a great list of resources and many useful checklists.
  • Dying at Home – Washington Post article, February 14, 2020.  Many Americans say they want to die at home.  It’s not always easy to make that happen.
  • The Costly, Painful, Lonely Burden of Care New York Times article, March 16, 2021.  Health care in the U.S. relies on an “invisible army” of caregivers — mostly women. For many, stunted careers, lost earnings and exhaustion are part of the fallout.
  • Last Days of Life – National Cancer Institute. Care at the end of life, including common symptoms and questions about treatment. It may help people with cancer and their families understand what to expect during this time.
  • End of Life Planning with NPR’s Diane Rehm Sept 2, 2021 RWV Program given by Diane Rehm, Host for National Public Radio.