Email Group

You may join our Email Group if you are interested in direct email notices for events related to the Caring Connections focus on aging well. These include RWV events, select presentations in the outside community, and updates on our classes like Navigating as We Age: Changes & Choices.

This is NOT a discussion group, so please no personal comments or requests for information belong hereTo request information or make suggestions, see Other Resources below. 

Joining the Group

Membership in this Email Group is strictly opt-in. No one may register you without your permission and you can withdraw from the membership at any time.

To request to join the Caring Connections Email Group send an email to:

Once your application is confirmed, then you can send a message to all Caring Connections members by simply sending an email from your email account to: 

To browse past notices go to  There you can browse for previous events. If you missed an event of interest, many have been recorded.  If so, they will be posted (when available) in the Video Talks section of the Caring Connections Resources Library.

General Guidelines

As a member you are welcome to post upcoming events pertinent to the Caring Connections focus at RWV or outside community; Classes/ Registration Dates / Time

Note: Your membership in this group or status on a past Waiting List does not guarantee you a place in the next Navigating as We Age series. Each class series has a separate registration on a set day and time.

Questions about use of this Email Group can be sent to

Other Resources

Requests for Research Resources– See the Resource Libraries section of Caring Connections for Resources for Research and Caring Connections section of VSQ Library.

Ideas for future events, Resource recommendations, Conversations, Critiques, Testimonials: please send those directly to CC co-chairs Mina Wuchenich and Ellen Lebedow.

Asking for referrals for services: See your neighborhood Resident Services Coordinator/ Social Worker for the most up to date list of professional experts in our area- Money Managers, Elder Law Attorneys, Geriatric Care Managers, etc. Please let your Social Worker know your feedback on providers.

Requesting help from fellow residents: Please go to Neighbors in Deed, a group with extensive offerings and people available for assistance.  The Chatterwood resident email bulletin board can also be used to request information and assistance.