Advanced Medical Treatment Choices for the Future

MD Advance Directive Planning for Health Care Decisions form for free download.
This documents your wishes for health care interventions and names a person as Medical Power of Attorney or Medical Proxy to act on your behalf in making health care decisions should you not be able to speak for yourself. Discuss these choices with that person first to get agreement.

MD’s Medical Orders on Life Sustaining Treatment  You also need to complete a MOLST.  Consult with your Primary Care Dr to get this form on record. Then post a copy on your refrigerator along with your File of Life for Emergency access by EMTs on Security staff.

Dementia Directive for Care  Directions to my health care agent about decisions for my care if I cannot make decisions and my condition is unlikely to change.

Dementia Provision Life Ending  Directions to my health care agent about ending my life in the event that I cannot make decisions.