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Caring Connections – Who we are; What we do.

Caring Connections is a collaboration between RWV Resident Services (Social Workers) and Continuing Education Committee plus interested residents.


  • Educate residents of many different transitions/decisions in aging in advance of need.  Expand the culture of a learning community in which individuals assist each other in learning as well as  access staff expertise
  • Market all pertinent events at RWV into cohesive whole

Video Overview of all the services to residents that come through Caring Connections. Mina
Wuchenich and Ellen Lebedow join Gary on the Administrative Update Dec. 14, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions about Caring Connections

Testimonials from Caring Connections participants and family

Navigating As We Age

Venn diagram showing the overlap between Legal Decisions, Health Decisions, and Financial Decisions resulting in Peace of Mind

  • This course brings peace of mind to both residents and their family members. Peace of mind comes from making informed choices about the myriad of options for the decisions involved in aging. The decisions focus on three areas: Legal, Financial and Health issues. Please see the FAQs below.
  • The Spring 2022 Navigating as We Age: Changes & Choices has been filled.  The next course will be in the fall.

Pre-requisites are:
Computer literacy
Access to a laptop /desktop computer
Commitment to the entire 12-session course and individual homework
Materials Fee of $50 each to cover binder and course development costs.

Key Documents from Navigating as We Age binder

Technical Guides for Security Measures on Smart Phones

Life Ledger Download

Past Presentations/Videos on Topics of Aging

  • Links to video recordings of recent events related to Caring Connections that were presented and recorded at Riderwood.
  • Links to earlier events are indexed by topic in the Online Research/Reference Library.

Library Resources

  • The Caring Connections pages are maintained by the Caring Connections committee. If you have suggestions or questions, please send email to

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