Hearing Assistive Devices

  • Progressive Discussion: This description of devices and resources progresses from simple devices to enhance sound, for those with mild hearing loss, to more complex devices for those with moderate to severe hearing loss. In the latter case hearing aids and other technologies may be needed.
  • Modern technology has enabled tremendous advances in helping us hear better.
  • There is considerable cross-over among topics so readers are advised to review all pages.
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Hearing Loss

  • A brief discussion of hearing loss and how different assistive devices can help.

Low to Moderate Loss – Devices

  • Devices other than hearing aids, e.g.,
  • Help with TV Listening
  • Bluetooth devices
  • Enhanced listening in the Encore Theater and Chapel

Hearing Aids

  • Aids not helping? Accommodating to hearing aids.
  • Resources (updated May, 2023):
  • Buying advice
  • In depth advice, e.g., Consumer Reports
  • Over-the-counter buying of hearing aids
  • buying & paying for hearing aids – Adivice for Vets; Insurance
  • Where to buy hearing aids
  • FDA’s new rule opening up the market


  • Captioning converts speech-to-text
  • Free captioning telephones at Riderwood – “Caption Call”
  • Speech-to-text on cell phones
  • What the future holds for hand-held devices – think Androids, iPhones, pads

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  • We do not endorse or recommend products shown on this page. The information is provided solely for fellow residents of Riderwood who may be interested in learning about assistive devices.
  • Costs / prices cited are as of the writing of this page (Fall, 2022) and are given for comparison purposes.

Acknowledgements & Credits

  • Christopher Taydus, Riderwood A/V Services,created manuals for and squired up-to-date devices to help low hearing residents in the Encore Theater and the Chapel.
  • Thanks to members of the ABLE subcommittee of the Resident Advisory Committee (RAC) for providing useful information. ABLE: Achieving a Better Living Environment.
  • The author is indebted to many who offered suggestions for page content as well as for editorial assistance.